3 Reasons Our Creators Prefer Staycations, and Why You Should Too

A mini retreat or a weekend holiday from your daily stress of creating and posting content, may seem easy but it takes a toll on your brain, affecting more than just your vision but creativity as well.

Staycations have been in demand for a very long time, and places within the city or hill stations or beach side locations such as Alibaug, Karjat and more have beautiful and scenic properties that make for the perfect detox weekend.

Creators such as Aashna Shroff, Prajakta Koli, and Ahsaas Channa among others are no stranger to the benefits of taking a break every now and then. The advantages of going on a staycation as frequent as in a few months, is not only extremely healthy, but keeps you in a better mood throughout your life-career span. 

Here are even more reasons you should clock some time out:

1. Prevents Burn-Outs:

Rather than planning weeks-long vacations, last minute mini-vacation do the same job, while on budget. Giving you options of picturesque properties with all the amenities and more on-board, providing the perfect unwind at the right time. This helps prevent burn-outs, only focusing on total peace and calm around nature and luxury.


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2. Influences Newer Ideas:

For content creators this is undoubtedly the best way to get better ideas, that helps them present fresher content in front of the world. The best therapy for a writer’s block or creative block is to take a weekend off to the destination of your choice. A change of scenario births many ideas which can be your break to a new project.


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3. Time To Bond Over:

Get closer to your family, friends or yourself. It’s always a great idea and usually comes to an advantage when you learn more about yourself. Indulgence in a spa treatment, or under luscious gourmet spreads – opens your heart and mind to everything the place has to offer. Rejuvenating your senses, prepping you to get back to work.


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Of course, the content creating industry is a high-paying one, and that is what makes them afford luxurious options. But highly-affordable options are available, treks, camping and hotel stays are just the foundation for what you can opt for to ease your mind and health.


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