If there’s anything that will count in the long term, it is the way you talk to yourself and think. Because words and thoughts affect your personality and how you come off to the world. Think of it as watering yourself daily. Affirmations and conscious change that you bring to you.

Kaushal, famously known as Kaushal Beauty is an all-in-one being.

 1. The Greatest Self Help Book:

Which is nothing like a book, but a bundle of your thoughts and ideas and actions that you aim to take throughout the course of your life. 

As someone who has followed her for years, I can say one thing- that she is huge on wellness. Be it the inculcation of guashas, stones, or candles and more. Which expresses and explains the type of human she really is.

2. The Rising Circle:

Is a journal which helps reflect on the way of life, giving prompts and direction to those who need it (and that is everyone). There’s no denying that the generation today can easily get lost in trying to find meaning whether it is in love, relationships, health and work. 


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The best way to understand your values, and potential is to start by addressing them. Noting them down on paper, self-reflection and soul searching can help validate and make you aware of your unique powers.

3. What can you do to start your very own journey?

Social Media is a space that can easily affect your mentality. Browsing feeds daily of those who ‘seem’ to live the perfect life, can be draining and self-depreciating. Move away from the screens and absorb nature and people.

Being present and living in the moment. Detaching yourself from all of the tabs you have open in your mind to log off and be content with just you. Follow up on routines that include stones, and nature that introduce newer possibilities and fresher mindsets.


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You can always invest in props that can aid in mental bliss, and enhance your life a little. Kaushal and her husband Vex King have collaboratively made self-care their main motive. Through pages and daily uploads, directing us by giving us heads up, reality check and motive for elevated living.

We’re clapping for their this very initiative and their success along the way, and we’re on our way to journaling exactly that.