5 New Cafes In Mumbai Brewing Happiness, One Sip At A Time

You know this magic that kicks in when you wrap your hands around a really good cup of coffee? Well, if you know what I’m talking about you will love this article, and if you don’t, you have to experience it and this article will help you do the same. Let’s take a stroll through the city’s newest cafes where the coffee is not just a drink but a warm hug, and the vibes are amazing.

Stand By Coffee – Worli

With seven different types of coffee beans from Chikmagalur, this spot understands that coffee is more than just a drink: it’s an experience. From the familiar flat whites to yummy sea salt mocha, every sip is delightful. If you wanna try something new check out their coffee mocktails like Mogu or Arnold Palmer. And don’t forget to pair your cup with their delightful sandwiches, croissants, and coffee cakes.

Toast Donught Shop – Bandra

While the spotlight may shine on their beloved donuts, don’t overlook the coffee that steals the show. Coffee lovers are treated to an array of irresistible options like their popcorn caramel latte and the rich hazelnut mocha. Each sip makes you want more, perfectly complementing the sweetness of their famed donuts. 

Journal – Santacruz

Journal isn’t just a cafe; it’s a place where every hour is happy hour. Offering not just great coffee but a spread of delish breakfast. Whether you’re there for a chicken double melt burger or a laid-back cup of coffee, Journal provides cosy corners and communal tables, turning your visit into a heartwarming culinary journey.

Shelter by Javaphile – Andheri

Breaking free from conventional cafe norms, this three-storey place is designed to tickle your taste buds. The menu, a delightful mix of all-day breakfast specials, wood-fired sourdough pizzas, and irresistible bites from the dessert bar, is an open invitation to indulge.

Ladurée – BKC

Known globally for its macarons and teas, Ladurée has finally found its home in the city. This iconic French patisserie promises a sweet escape with pastries that have graced screens in shows like Gossip Girl and films like Marie Antoinette.

Sip and savour your way through these hotspots – each one promising not just taste but a slice of city’s heart and soul.

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