5 Places In India You Don’t Consider While Planning A Vacation

India is full of stunning and captivating landscapes which set off your imagination and make you fall in love with nature once again. While India is filled with all kinds of beauty and incomprehensible diversity, it really is the place for travellers and is filled with unexplored routes and hidden gems.  One of the most beautiful parts about exploring India is the fact that no matter where you turn, you will find yourself encircling unexplored, bewitching and scenic cities, towns and roads. It’s impossible to find another country with such a diverse set of topography and scenery. Beaches, mountains, rainforests and deserts- we have them all.  To showcase the true beauty of India, we list a rundown of our dearest places in India which are untapped by the usual crowd of tourists which you can explore for a dose of enthralling serenity. 


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Gokarna is a quaint town in Karnataka which is considered as a mini goa which is less commercialised. There are a plethora of things you can do here like camping on the beach, tasting the traditional Konkani cuisine there, and water sports like scuba diving and parasailing. It is also known as the temple town of Karnataka, so one of the things you could do in Gokarna is visit popular temples as well. The town is surrounded by hills overlooking the sea, so beach treks are a common attraction here. 


Sikkim is the least populous state in India but rich in biodiversity. Sikkim is the place where India’s tallest mountain, Kangchenjunga , is located which makes Sikkim a place for trekkers mainly. It is also an attraction for Buddists as it is the home for many monasteries. Sikkim is truly one of the places that are a must visit on your India tour. Based in the Himalayas the state is filled with vast flora and fauna which makes the stay worthwhile. The beautiful lakes and rivers make for scenic views along the mountain ranges. It is truly a sight to behold. 


Hampi is the place for people looking for folklore and mythology. It is rich with mythology and major events of the Ramayan have taken place in Hampi. The main attraction is that Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its rich history and all the temples it has. The flea markets are also an attraction for the tourists.


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Jawai is a spot for wildlife lovers and people who enjoy national parks. Jawai is the home to many leopards and one of the main attractions of Jawai is their leopard safaris. As it is near places like Udaipur and Jaipur, people usually come here just for the safaris and bird watching. 

Andaman Islands

Nothing says peace of mind like long stretches of blue waters with not a soul in sight. Popular for its untouched lands, Andaman is known for its pristine beaches. Shimmering blue waters, endless water sports, and white beaches. The quiet and hushed energy of the unexplored islands leaves you tranquil, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to reality with a fresh perspective.

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