5 Ways To Move From ‘Shop Til You Drop’ To ‘Save It Till You Make It’ Trend

Our generation holds one talent: the ability to spend ample amounts of money for meaningless products or services. I am one of them, and when it comes to saving the majority of your salary for a trip or to get yourself a car – it becomes impossible.

This shop til you drop may seem luxurious and elegant in movies, since they’re obviously loaded, but when it comes to reality, save till you make it should be glamorized or given value to. Here’s how we should move forward with this anthem:

1. Focus on your essentials:

When we go on a shopping spree, we tend to look for things we don’t really need. Face it, we’ve all been there. The key here is to only focus on what you ‘need’ and not ‘want’. That dress you’re eyeing doesn’t need your card swipe, or the stack of jewelry that cost 10K up is fine being there on your screen. What takes you through the next day and the day after is what’s essential for you and your family.

2. Set aside your own allowance:

Every month when your salary gets credited or if you’re an entrepreneur you have a constant source of money. Set aside 15-20% of that for your fun. And the rest 80% can go into savings. Once you make this a habit, it will become really easy for you to maintain a strong bank balance. Be strict with that too, because our lifestyles have a way of removing more than what’s okay.

3. Plan something big:

Plan a trip that requires X number of savings required. Which means your trip + expenses while you’re there. Turns out it can be quite the number. Or a car, which you desperately need. That way you will be incredibly mathematical in making purchases. Naturally dying down the need to ‘shop’. Also making you independent and financially smart.

4. Invest on long-term purchases:

Look, we all love our small little pleasures, but here’s what you can do to avoid a repeat telecast. Invest in long-term jewelry, purchase high quality clothes and sturdy shoes (heels or sneakers) that won’t have you worried. That way you’re rarely spending on unnecessary things, rather than investing in quality.

5. Curb temptation:

When you have everything going smooth, that’s when you need to stray away from temptation. Trick your mind or show yourself what you have in front of you, making you question if you really need what you’re cribbing over.

Small steps and amounts over the time can lead to a very strong bank account. Making you proud of yourself and capable of handling bigger amounts as they come.

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