5 Zodiac Creators To Follow If You’re Into Astrology

It would be an understatement to suggest that the severity of the last two weeks has made me look ten years older. The world was going to end because the “vibes were off,” and I’d sit awake in bed crying like a plague victim for hours on end. That’s quite dramatic. But hey, at least I can sigh with relief knowing that the issue might not simply be me but rather my current planetary transits. If you felt something similar or just want to check up on your starts, here are 5 astrology content creators to follow on Instagram.

1. Aliza (@alizakelly)


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Aliza Kelly is the internet’s favourite witch bestie. She is a well-known celebrity astrologer in New York. One glance through her reels will have you hooked, or should I say “star-struck,” with everything from educational videos about reading your birth chart to relatable memes and eclipse season survival guides.

2. Chani (@chaninicholas)


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Chani Nicholas is based in Los Angeles and has been helping people find their life’s purpose by interpreting their birth charts for more than 20 years. She also has her own app, called CHANI, which provides users with daily horoscopes that are specifically tailored to them.

3. Evan Nathaniel Grim (@evannathanielgrim)


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Want a blend of entertaining and educational Astro content? Evan Nathaniel Grim’s is a treasure trove. It’s both entertaining and reassuring, covering topics like why Penn Badgley is so believable as the lead in You based on his stars and identifying which zodiac sign has the worst ex-lover.

4. Alyssa Begue (@alyssacsharpe)


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Alyssa Sharpe’s content contains videos on astrology as well as other topics like palmistry and numerology. Sharpe is the one to go to if you want to learn the fundamentals of reading your birth chart by interpreting the significance of your planetary placements or if you want to learn more about Astrocartography and face reading.

5. Maren (@marenaltman)


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Maren gained popularity last year when she chose to use astrology instead of technical analysis to predict cryptocurrency prices. Her Instagram bio, which serves as a preview of the content she will be creating, describes herself as “Your personal poet for the stars” and highlights the current state of the planets and stars and how they will be affecting each zodiac sign.


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