Beyond Cuffs And Watches – 5 Must-Have Jewellery Picks For Men

Gone are the days when jewellery was solely for women. In fact, kings in India loved their jewellery. But looks like that got lost through the years. However, thanks to the likes of Harry Styles, Ranveer Singh, Johnny Depp, men’s jewellery is all the rage right now. So, it’s time to step up your style game and add some bling to your look beyond the usual cuffs and watches. Check out these five must-have jewellery picks that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.


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If you’re not into flashy bling but still want to make a statement, STAC has your back. Their minimalist designs are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Think sleek silver or gold necklaces and bracelets that ooze class. Less is more, right?

2. Lune

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Lune brings you stunning jewellery with a modern twist. Their designs are unique, stylish and gender-neutral. These Tornado rings are sure to add a touch of edge to your look. 

3. Olio

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For the peeps who prefer jewellery that’s oh-so-extra, Olio’s jewellery is the way to go. Their pieces from the Kudrat collection are inspired by nature, with designs that incorporate everything from flora to fauna. Perfect for the adventurer in you.

4. Upakarna

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Upakarna’s contemporary jewellery is served with a side of edge. From bold statement rings to intricately designed chains, Upakarna pieces will amp up your style and will definitely spark some interesting conversations.

5. Tipsyfly

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Sometimes, it’s all about making it your own. Tipsyfly offers customizable jewellery that allows you to add a personal touch. Whether it’s initials on a necklace or a meaningful date on a bracelet, this is a great way to make your jewellery truly yours.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalism, nature, or personalized pieces, there’s something here for every guy who wants to elevate his style. Remember, jewellery is not just about adding bling; it’s about expressing your personality and style.

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