The internet is filled with swirls, twirls, and polka-dotted graphic liners, but makeup enthusiasts have also been gravitating toward 3D makeup. Beyond merely a variety of brushes, tool kit essentials have expanded to include a variety of pearls, sequins, and stickers to get the look. A hot glue gun is the newest unexpected tool we need in our vanities.

What is the 3D makeup trend?


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While hot glue guns haven’t changed much since our last school project, our eye makeup undoubtedly has. They shouldn’t be applied close to your face because they are hot and sticky. Although the gooey glue is still mainly made for DIY projects, makeup lovers and content creators have found another creative use for it. Its moldable qualities also make it a great tool for graphic makeup creations.

How to nail the look?

The aim is to pump the glue in shapes on a stainless steel surface, such as zigzags, squiggles, or circles, so the glue can peel off easily. Once the glue is dry (after about five minutes), the design can be used to frame your eyes. Glue is glue, after all, and it usually only comes in one dull colour, but creators have become even more inventive by adding chrome shadows to the dried pieces for a splash of colour.
To apply the shimmer to the dry adhesive, all you need is a beauty sponge, much like when using metallic eyeshadow or chrome nail powder. After that, all it takes to get it to attach to your face is a dab of eyelash glue. While symmetry on both eyes can be difficult to achieve, there is a way to make nearly similar shapes: Construct a piece you like, remove it from the steel palette, invert it, and set it next to your palette. Then, make a copy of the reversed design.

For further hold, you can go the extra mile and use the eyelash glue on both your design and the area of your skin where you intend to put it. Many potential chemicals in hot glue could irritate those with sensitive skin. If you use lash glue to place it on your skin, it’s less likely to irritate or trigger an allergic reaction because it is formulated for the skin, but it’s still possible. The art can be removed just like you’d remove your falsies. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly or oil to loosen the eyelash glue and then a mild facial cleanser or micellar water to carefully remove it.

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