Prajakta Koli Is Truly A Rising Star And We Love Everything She’s Doing

Whenever you think of an influencer or a content creator that’s at the top of her game right now, it would be Prajakta Koli. And while her name says mostlysane, we’re definitely going mostly-insane at the ladders she’s climbed to reach where she is right now. 

As jolly as her personality seems, she has made her mark in the industry. And we’re keeping our eye out to all that she has done, and what she has in the works for the future.

1. Movies

From Khayali Pulao, to Jugg Jugg Jeeyo and now Neeyat – she has caved her way into Bollywood. Working alongside some of the talented actors that is only sharpening her skills. Maybe someday we can expect her to take the lead, but for now we are absolutely in awe of her acting skills.

2. Too Good To Be True

It’s easier to read a book, than to write a book. And assuming it’s about her life, we’re definitely hooked onto every part of her journey. A creator to now turn author, Prajakta has stunned us with her versatility.


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3. Talk Shows

It’s no shocker, that she has managed to befriend half of Bollywood. Ranging from inside gossip or unreleased series watch, Prajakta started her journey from a normal youtuber to snatching the best of the personalities to appear on her podcasts. You can see Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and many more. She certainly has a way with words and the most interesting podcast/interviews.


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4. Audible

Desi Down Under and Marvels Wastelanders are audibles newest launches, that both feature Prajakta playing a character. What’s amusing is the complete shift of characters and an audio rollercoaster that has us spinning on the choice of genres. 


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5. Mismatched Season 3

With the 3rd season on the way, we have got our Netflix account renewed with a bunch of popcorn. The saga continues, as Prajakta keeps on excelling in keeping up her OTT front effortlessly. 


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There’s no doubt on the quality of content she continues to create, whether it her quirky self, or her love for romance novels that gives us a giggle every time, we are truly astonished at her capabilities, making her a true content creator and a gem for this generation.

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