Sonnalli A Sajnani and Ashesh Sajnani, are a beautiful couple with an ardent love for each other and the world of films. Sonnalli, a stunning actor known for her on-screen charisma, finds her perfect match in Ashesh, a film enthusiast and connoisseur. Together, they embody a beautiful blend of real-life romance and a shared passion for the magic of cinema.

ClapClap had a heart-warming conversation with Ashesh and Sonnalli about their journey together and here’s how it went…

How did your journey with food begin?

AS – Since I was a kid, I only had two things in mind. Either I will be in the food business, or I’ll play cricket for the country. Growing up, I would go to the hotels with my father and was fascinated with the idea of being in hospitality. So, I went to a hotel school in Switzerland and did my hotel management.

What is the funniest thing you’ve fought about?

AS – About me eating breakfast. I mean, as a restaurant owner, I have to try all kinds of food. I don’t care about sugar and any of that. Two days before the wedding I was eating sourdough and having orange juice because I know she was going to stop all that.

SS – I don’t allow orange juice for a good reason. People might think it is healthy but it’s all sugar. He hid it from me but that day I came back early from the gym, and he was caught red-handed.

Tell us about each other’s favourite dishes…

SS – He has three, biryani, nalli nihari, and ghar ki bhindi.

AS – For Sonnalli, it changes every day, but Bengali is her favorite cuisine.

Stylist – Parikshaat Wadhwani, HMU – Sanya Advani, Photographer – Dinesh Ahuja, Location – Via Bombay

How did you two meet?

AS – We met at a restaurant, a sundowner that we attended.

SS – Our mutual friend and my best friend Simran Mundi introduced us.

What was the first movie you watched together?

SS – He made me watch Gangs of Wasseypur back-to-back over a weekend on our first date, so romantic!

Ashesh, tell us about your love for Bollywood villains…

AS – I would see all these people at my father’s hotels. I would see Pran, Ranjeet, Bob Christo, Prem Chopra and be fascinated by them. They have so much more character, dressed differently, and have an accent or a different dialect.

If you had to pick a movie to describe your relationship, what would it be and why?

SS – I would say Hum Tum because we first met 10 years ago through Simran, and we kept crossing paths every 2 years at common parties, walking on streets but never hung out. 

If not acting and entrepreneurship, what would your alternate career choice be?

AS – It would be just this, hospitality. Maybe cricket, but I gave that up a long time ago. 

SS- It would be related to yoga, fitness, and health, as it’s truly my other passion. 

Do you have a soundtrack that holds a special place in your hearts as a couple?

SS- It’s Closer by Chainsmokers, mostly because it was playing a lot around the time, we were dating so I associate it with that.

Their journey as a couple is all about love, laughs, and a whole lot of appreciation for each other’s interests. Sonnalli and Ashesh’s story proves that you can find love in unexpected places and enjoy the little moments that make your relationship stronger every day.