Meet the sibling duo known for being on Bollywood’s speed dial. Tanya is a go-to stylist for all the biggies, while Panchami has some of the most popular films under her belt. Their combined influence and expertise have made them indispensable members of the entertainment world.

ClapClap had a fun conversation with Tanya and Panchami about their relationship with fitness and each other, here’s how it went…

You look amazing, tell us about your outfit…

TG – I’ve always been a huge fan of athleisure and active wear. Fitness is a big part of my life. I’ve always enjoyed working out and sometimes I’m in athleisure all day long even when I’m not in the gym. So, I think Bodd is very synonymous with me. This is my first collection, my first collaboration with them, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Styling– Tanya Ghavri, HMU – Alyssa Mendonsa, Photographer – Dinesh Ahuja, Location – Reset

Since you’re from the same industry, have you worked together on projects?

TG – We haven’t worked together, and I kind of prefer that. We are very different, and the way we approach work is also different. A lot of actors that we work with overlap because I style them, and she casts them.

What empowers you about each other?

TG – It’s the way she works, she’s so prompt and very instinctive. I think it’s a very innate quality, and I wish I had that instinct in life.

PG – I would have given that answer for Tanya. She is possibly the most hard-working person I know, and her work requires insane amounts of patience. She won’t put most things ahead of her work in life, and that’s how much she cares about her job.

Now that you’ve said such nice things, tell us what annoys you the most about each other?

PG – There are legit pictures where we’re trying to take a family photo, and she’s just like she’s grabbing me, so I’d say she’s very chipku.

TG – Yes, I am. For Panchami, when she’s angry, you don’t want to mess with her. She’ll be quiet when she’s upset and give a snide remark.

What made you get into your job and why?

TG- I’ve always had a creative bone from when I was super young. I wasn’t sure where I want to channel that creative energy but over time, I realized that it would have to be styling or fashion. When I went to New York and studied it, I fell in love with it.

PG – I kind of stumbled into casting. It was the first job that I did was on a film called Wake Up Sid, where I was an assistant director. I was put on to casting, and the rest is just history.

If not styling and casting, what would’ve been your alternate career choice?

TG – My parents would have wanted me to get into acting. But I also started studying architecture and switched to fashion, so maybe that.  

PG – Something related to food. I’d like to run a restaurant or a cocktail bar someday.

Do you have someone on your list that you want to style?

TG – In India, I would love to style Deepika Padukone, and internationally there are loads of people, Hayley Bieber, Kendall, Jennifer Lawrence.

Have you ever had a fangirl moment?

PG – It happened when I was younger, and even recently, I always have a bit of a fan girl moment when I meet Shah Rukh Khan.

TG – In 2016, I was in Paris. I walked into a tiny burger joint, and Leonardo DiCaprio was sitting there with his bodyguard. I walked out of that cafe and jumped for two minutes.

How do you try to stay fit?

TG – I love fashion so much, and I love to look good and fit into nice clothes. But I also like to feel strong so it’s a mix of that. 

PG – It can be hard, but my focus is different. To be able to eat whatever I want, I have to stay fit.

Are you a lazy workout kind of person?

TG – I’m moody, but it’s about making it to the gym. Once you make it, you’re good. I whine and start bargaining, like let’s do 8 reps instead of 10 but sometimes I’m in a great mood, that’s when I want to really get in and nail the workout.

PG – My trainer tells me I’m an impatient workout person because I don’t take enough rest between my sets. He always says that I come, and I zip out in 40-45 minutes while people still take a little bit longer.

As siblings, they admire each other’s strengths and acknowledge the occasional quirks that come with their relationship. Together, Tanya and Panchami represent the creative spirit and diversity of talent present in the Bollywood industry.