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Hair trends change every season but some hairstyles trend throughout the year, often spotted on the runway, at fashion weeks, or flaunted by celebs. Last year was all about messy and shaggy cuts, this year we’re adding a whole lot of sophistication to it and calling it the Kitty Cut.

What’s the Kitty Cut?

This feline-inspired style is clawing its way up the Google search ranks, with a whopping 1000% surge in searches. Taking cues from its wilder cousin, the wolf cut, and throwing it back to the groovy ’70s shag hairdos, the kitty cut is trending in the textured hairstyle scene. Unlike the shaggy wolf cut, achieved through razor cutting, the kitty cut is a sleek and polished style. It is shorter than the iconic Rachel cut but longer than your average bob. It’s the purr-fect balance of cropped chic and cascading layers.

How to Rock the Kitty Cut?

Nailing the kitty cut is all about cutting longer layers with precision. No choppy shortcuts because we’re going for sophistication, not shagginess. Opt for soft ascending layers at the back and around the face. You can also get swooping layers for that extra face-framing touch, along with cheekbone-length curtain bangs and jaw-length pieces.

Kitty Cut for All Textures

Straight, wavy, or curly – the kitty cut caters to all hair textures. For those with curls, a curl-by-curl cut ensures each twist complements your natural texture. Styling possibilities are endless – go for an air-dried, effortless vibe, blow-dried volume, or waves with a half-waved look.

Pawsibilities with the Kitty Cut

1. Just Flip It

Sleek, sophisticated layers worn down the shoulders, but with a flirtatious flip to one side, adding just the right amount of whimsy.

2. Messy-Kitty

Tousled, untamed hair radiating effortless coolness.

3. Kitty-ing The Curls

Kitty cut on curls adds a touch of whimsy like a playful kitten’s carefree attitude.

4. 70’s Kitty

Channeling the ’70s vibe with cool-girl fringes.

5. Easy Breezy

Combining the sleek lines of the kitty cut with the easy-breezy texture of beach waves for a style that’s equal parts polished and chill.

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