The fashion business, and more specifically fashion week, strive to maintain a careful balance between tradition and modernity. Designers create collections that feel consistent with their earlier work while yet pushing their ideas forward and providing inspiration for a new season of fashion. During fashion weeks when fresh designer collections go on display, we start to identify the upcoming fashion trends for 2023. And when it comes to trends, there is one question that answers it all. Would you wear it?
Having said that 2023’s anticipated fashion trends seem promising. The Spring/Summer ’23 designs from New York Fashion Week establish a “choose your own adventure” game plan with long leather skirts and a resurgence of too-sheer-for-work slip dresses.

Sexy Sheer


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Every now and then, a style from one particular show will set off a wave of related looks. In this instance, sheer is the trend, and Fall/Winter 2022 from Fendi is the trailblazer. Having your underwear visible through your dress is no longer frowned upon; in fact, it is preferred. There were numerous instances where sheer design was incorporated with formal attire. The fashion designers delivered a wide selection of sheer dresses in floral, sparkling, lace, and jewel tones down the runway.

Fun Tassels


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Do you recall when every sleeve and hemline were trimmed with feathers? Well, tassels and fringe have officially taken their place. Come spring 2023, the textured tassel trim will be the ultimate party must-have, but there’s no need to wait to wear the style. Tassels look great on the back of a thick suede jacket, hanging from suede boots, or on a bag.

Trendy Leather


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Fashion week has included a lot of leather coats on the runway for years, and this season was no exception. But leather skirts are a more fun variation that stole the show this time. At NYFW, leather skirts ranged in length from small to maxi. It’s good to see an item that works all year round because leather is often a fall and winter fabric. This is, undoubtedly, a trend worth investing in for 2023 because it goes with everything.

Tailored And Low Waist


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Some of the most anticipated NYFW runways included a lot of low-rise suiting options. Low-rise pants have an extremely short crotch length, similar to the low-rise jean style. This prevents them from looking baggy and instead gives them a well-tailored look.

City School Girl


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The East Side of Manhattan is a thriving example of the city school aesthetic. Plaid skirts, ruffled collars, and pink bows are the elements of the modest, girly school aesthetic. They can be combined with street-style grunge in this ensemble (heavy piercings, lug sole shoes, and mesh layering). These looks can also be paired with ballet flats or sleek, sporty sneakers.