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Jaaved Jaaferi inspired a new generation of dancers after his well-received debut in Meri Jung in 1985. He then turned from dance to rap and comedy. Turaab Jaaferi, walking in his father’s footsteps, is now a popular name in the music industry and has inspired many with his amazing rapping skills. We had the pleasure of uncovering the rap scene in India with the father-son duo, and here is how it went.

 How would you explain rap to a person who doesn’t know much about it?

TJ: It depends on the rap you listen to because nowadays, rap is different compared to how it was before. It is more about the energy of the track that it gives rather than the words that are being said. Whereas before it would’ve been more about what they’re saying and less about the vibe of it.

JJ: I wouldn’t agree to that because even earlier in the 80s, Grandmaster Flash got disco rap which was high energy. There was also gangster rap when Ice Cube came in. And later, when I heard Eminem, a few songs by Drake or Kanye West, there is a lot of content. The energy is there, but there is also a lot of content.

Is there a rapper that you admire right now?

JJ: In the international arena, there is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis whose album I really liked, it’s called The Heist. Mainly because of the intensity, the variation of topics, and the style of music they have.

How did you get into the rap scene? Was it because of the environment you grew up in?

TJ: My brother used to listen to a lot of rap growing up, especially Eminem, Drake, Ice Cube, and 50 Cent. I grew up listening to these artists and seeing their videos. And I guess I was exposed to it at a young age.

 Do you think that pronunciation in the rap culture? Have people ever butchered your name?

TJ: Not my name specifically, but my stage name, sometimes. It is D-Tab. Sometimes people mess it up while writing and make it T-Dab.

How did you come up with your stage name ‘D-Tab’?

TJ: D is another way of saying ‘The’ and Tab stands for Turaab Abbas. It is another way of saying The Turaab Abbas.

That’s nice. Do you think there is a personality trait that has run down from generations?

JJ: I don’t even know if this is genetics. But it is creativity. My father was extremely talented and found his groove. I found what I liked when I was in school with dance, Meezaan was into music, and my daughter is into the fashion business.

Speaking of personalities, you wear a lot of hats. Do you actually have a hat collection at home?

JJ: I do. I liked a lot of hats when I was in college, specifically berets and baseball hats. I don’t like cold drafts hitting me. So, it is a thing that just keeps my head a little warmer.

Who is your favourite rapper from your father’s generation?

TJ: I’d say Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.

In terms of songs and projects, what can we expect in the coming future?

TJ: Speaking about Snoop, I got a song with Snoop Dogg that’s going to come out pretty soon. There is also Jay Kila, he’s a rapper from Mumbai. I have an EP coming out with him soon.

What is a piece of advice that you’d like to give him?

JJ: Make the money, don’t let the money make you.

Can we hope for a possibility where you both will collaborate?

TJ: I’ve always had a thought at the back of my mind. What if we did a song that also sends out a message? But I think we’ll work on something when the time is right.

We are delighted to know that there is a possibility of seeing this fun duo together in the coming future. It was an insightful experience as we uncovered the rap scene in India with Jaaved and Turaab Jaaferi with team ClapClap.


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