Winter Wellness: 7 Lesser-Known Winter Delicacies You Must Try

It’s cold and beautiful during this time of the year, and a plethora of traditional foods are served up, each one highlighting the bounty of the season and meeting the country’s dietary requirements. It is time for snuggling under your blankets and savoring the brisk weather. You feel more hungry and have a longing for various cuisines. Your body requires energy-dense foods in the winter to keep it warm and healthy. Winter diets in India shift to hearty grains and cereals, as well as the abundantly available greens and fresh produce, cooked with winter herbs. These foods are intended to keep you warm, satisfied, and protected against infections by boosting your immunity and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Sarson ka Saag from Punjab, Til ka Gajak from all of North India, Ponkh and Undiyu from Gujarat, Daulat ki Chaat from Delhi, Khubani ka Meetha from Hyderabad, and the sweets with Nolen gur from Kolkata are just a few of the well-known winter dishes from all over India, but there are also other, lesser-known winter delicacies which you should definitely try. 

1. Til Ki Chutney: Uttarakhand

When the enormous local lime known as the Bada or Kaagzi Nimbu is in season, this sesame-flavored chutney is produced. Cumin seeds, sesame, garlic, green chilies, coriander or mint leaves, salt, and of course, the juice of the kagzi nimbu are used to make the chutney. It is frequently eaten with parathas and steamed rice, as well as with regional foods like pakoras and patudis as a dip.

2. Bajra Khichdi: Rajasthan

This one-pot recipe, which is flavored with turmeric, ghee, and hing is made with coarsely ground pearl millet (bajra) and moong dal. It is a hearty supper on a chilly day. Serve it with some extra ghee and onions.

3. Kadamba Kootu: Tamil Nadu

More than 11 seasonal vegetables are included in this recipe, which also contains mixed lentils. It tastes great when paired with some ghee and cooked rice.

4. Pitha: Assam

Typically served for breakfast or as a teatime snack, this rice pancake may be fried, steamed, or slow-roasted before being filled with a sweet or salty filling. It is popular in a variety of forms throughout the east and northeast of the country.

5. Ragi Manni: Karnataka

This is an easy-to-make, thick porridge that tastes like jelly and is made with ragi, coconut milk, jaggery, ghee, and cardamom. It is well known as a food that boosts immunity.

6. Nihari: Lucknow

This mouthwatering meat-based treat, which has its roots in Lucknow’s Awadhi cuisine, is sure to brighten your cold mornings. Nihari is a traditional beef or mutton-based slow-cooked meat stew that is typically eaten for breakfast. This time-consuming, rich, and spicy stew is prepared overnight and eaten with puris the following morning. 

7. Chi Al Meh: Manipur

The majority of us have had our fair share of Thukpas, but this northeastern delicacy is a flavor bomb that is certain to fight off the winter cold. This mouthwatering soup stew is a true Manipuri cuisine cooked with veggies like onions, capsicum, mushrooms, and spinach along with a tonne of ginger, chillies, and other ingredients. Chi Al Meh can be served with noodles in addition to being typically served on its own as a healthy dish.

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