ClapClap is a new digital publication founded by Karishma Govil, aka Soul Kari, a media enthusiast. It lives off of experiences and with the debut of a monthly digital magazine, ClapClap hopes to give readers insider stories about exciting first-time experiences with creators, celebrities, and more.

The online publication aims to provide readers access to engaging discussions about a number of topics, including pop culture, beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle, start-ups, creators, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, as well as events and experiences. Each month the magazine’s digital cover will feature a well-known media personality who will share ideas, discusses personal experiences, and even fun games.

“With the inception of ClapClap and our first-ever digital magazine, I envision building a platform that breaks paths from existing conventional publications. At ClapClap, we intend to create and celebrate content by collating and collaborating with diverse experiences cutting across the worlds of fashion, comedy, and lifestyle, as well as people, start-ups, and much more. And through our monthly digital magazines, we are excited to bring forth stories that are real and honest to our readers and celebrate the world with us.” adds Karishma Govil, Founder and CEO of ClaClap. ClapClap aims to give audiences access to a range of experiences and close the gap between the two with the introduction of its first digital issue.