The focus of the holiday season is love, especially the kind of love that might end up beneath the mistletoe. It makes sense that so many Christmas-themed films have romantic plotlines; after all, snow is supposedly the only thing more romantic than rain in romantic films. You may make the ideal setting for a romantic movie by using firelight and an overall atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

So many amazing Christmas movies have been around for years, and watching them never gets old. Along with the re-releases of old favorites, the catalog of new movies available on streaming services and on TV is expanding. Whatever your preferred genre or subgenre, there is surely a Christmas romance for you. A movie that you know will have a happy ending is just more enjoyable and comfortable, no matter what turns it takes along the way.

Look no further if you’re looking for a movie that perfectly balances the jolly Christmas spirit and swoon-worthy romance. We’ve compiled all of the top 10 Christmas romances now available on Netflix.

1. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince was destined to become a modern classic and a corny holiday favorite from the time it made its premiere and unexpectedly went viral. It has a cute, wacky premise and is one of those delightfully stupid, fluffy holiday rom-com. An aspiring journalist is sent abroad to cover the playboy prince of Aldovia. When she goes undercover, she naturally falls for him instead, and the feelings are undeniably shared. 

2. The Holiday

A delightful treat, The Holiday is a romantic comedy movie from 2006. The Starry tells the story of two girls who have a painful breakup and decide to trade residences with one another. Little did they realize, however, that they would meet two men—Jake Black and Jude Law’s Graham and Miles—and fall in love with them.

3. Love Hard

Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Darren Barnet play key parts in the film. A girl meets her ideal mate via a dating app, which is the focus of the narrative. She goes 3,000 miles only to discover that she has been caught in a catfish here. But even that works out in her favor, as she ends up finding her soulmate in the same guy, Interesting right?

4. Falling For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan returns to the movies! In this movie, Lohan plays a spoilt heiress who loses her memory after having a skiing mishap. It’s like a holiday gloss on an extremely dramatic scenario. She meets a young widower (Chord Overstreet) who eventually looks after her. And amidst everything, they go through they still end up choosing each other.

5. Christmas With You

Aimee Garcia, a pop singer who needs to slow down and reconnect with her fans, ends up fulfilling the holiday dream of a young person from a tiny town. She ends up co-writing a song with the teen’s father, and a music teacher (Freddie Prinze, Jr.). While working on a song together they end up falling for each other. 

6. The Knight Before Christmas

A sorceress’s spell causes a medieval knight to be transported into the present, where he finds himself completely bewildered by this strange new environment. He ends himself running into Brooke, a smart and considerate science teacher, as he tries to figure out how to go home. And Brooke being disappointed in the past has completely given up on love, but her new relationship with Sir Cole may convince her otherwise, even though he still intends to try to travel back in time.

7. Midnight at the Magnolia

Childhood friends and radio hosts Maggie and Jack come up with a PR plan for New Year’s after being dumped by their significant others. They intend to “surprise” their followers with a fake relationship in order to boost ratings and liberate themselves from well-intentioned individuals who want them to “go back out there” following their respective breakups. But acting doesn’t last long when you’re in love with your closest buddy. 

8. Christmas With A View

When a new chef is hired at her place of employment, a restaurant manager discovers that everything in her world has been turned upside down. Working with a new person was not exactly at the top of her wish list as she was still suffering from a recent business setback. The two end up getting closer to each other as a result of being locked together. But it turns out that the new chef has a dark background of his own that might break them apart. Will they ultimately find a way to work along given the approaching holidays? Watch out for yourself.

9. The Noel Diary

It should come as no surprise that the main character in this film, Jake Turner (Justin Hartley), is also a best-selling author as the movie is based on Richard Paul Evans’ best-selling book. When he returns home to finish up his mother’s estate, he discovers a diary that causes him to reflect on his past. He teams up with Rachel (Barrett Doss), who has her own questions, and the two go in search of the solutions—and perhaps more—together.

10. Holiday In The Wild


After her husband leaves her, Kate travels on their intended second honeymoon by herself and discovers a newfound love for life (as well as a dashing pilot) along the way.