It’s that time of the year when our outfits get meticulously planned, makeup carefully chosen, and the aim is to nail the look. Yet, more often than not, hairstyles end up taking a backseat. If you’re someone who prioritizes perfect beauty looks and showstopping outfits, it’s time to give your locks the attention they deserve.

1. The Barbie Updo

The classic Barbie updo is perfect for a sultry evening gown. Ensure a few strands frame your face for added character. This glamorous hairstyle is a great New Year’s choice – because who wants to fuss with their hair at a party?

2. Bubble Me Up

The bubble braid is making a comeback! Pull the front strands of your hair from each side and create small bubbles from top to end with tiny rubber bands. Tug them a little for added volume, and voila! A cute and retro hairstyle that pairs perfectly with sporty outfits.

3. Fun with Buns

Space buns are a timeless choice, especially for a chic athleisure or vintage look. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility – add ribbons, glitter, or clips to give it a flair.

4. Girls Love Swirls

A bit intricate but worth the effort. Start with a sleek ponytail, and bun it up, leaving a few strands for delicate swirls. Use hair gel, setting spray, and pins to twirl these strands into swirls, adding hair glitter and gems for that perfect party vibe.

5. Pearly Energy

While rhinestones are having their moment, let’s not forget the charm of pearls. Elevate a simple ponytail by adding a pearl headband – the perfect statement for a New Year bash. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with this timeless accessory.

6. Sleeky Drama

Sleek buns radiate supermodel vibes and are incredibly versatile. Match them with any outfit for the New Year party. Use singular front strands to create subtle waves, adding movement to this polished hairstyle. Hair gel and a pointed comb are your best friends for achieving a sleek look.

7. Glitter Bomb

If your New Year’s resolution is to sparkle, consider the glitter bomb hairstyle. Sprinkle some hair glitter or use glitter hairspray for a dazzling effect. Perfect for a night filled with confetti and celebrations.

8. Boho Waves

For a laid-back but chic vibe, embrace boho waves. Use a curling wand or braids overnight for natural-looking waves. Ideal for a cosy yet stylish New Year’s event.

9. Fishtail Braid

Upgrade the classic braid to a fishtail for a red carpet-worthy look. Add some hair accessories like pins or tiny flowers for a touch of elegance.

10. Mini Side Braid

For a relaxed yet chic appearance, try the side braid. Twist sections of hair on one side, braid them, and secure it. This hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between a casual and a put-together look.

With these hairstyles, you’re sure to steal the spotlight and welcome the new year with a head-turning look.

Photo Credits: Getty Images, Instagram