It feels like the universe is playing cruel tricks on you when you’ve just started to worry about fine lines, and you experience a breakout. Even though acne is usually associated with teenagers, its occurrence in adults is quite common. Those who experience it know how often they’ve been told to “just wash your face”. Well, it’s not that simple. So we spoke to an expert, Dr Jamuna Pai, Cosmetic Physician and Founder at SkinLab, who shared the best ways to prevent adult acne.

1. Keep your hormones in check

Always check for hormonal imbalance or any underlying medical conditions if you see symptoms. They may be acne triggers. Make sure to visit your physician regularly to help regulate them.

2. Follow a basic skincare routine to help keep the skin healthy

Cleanse the face twice a day with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, especially at night, and make sure to remove your makeup. Top it up with a good moisturiser and sunscreen. Use a healing night cream coupled with monthly clean-ups or medical-grade treatments at the clinics.

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle with a good diet

The skin reflects the health within. It is important to consume more foods containing antioxidants. Antioxidant supplements also further help to improve the immunity of our system by flushing out toxins and, in turn cleaning the system. It helps the skin to heal quicker from any acne-causing bacteria that may infect it.

4. Know your skin type

Make sure the ingredients in your product are suited to your skin type. Know your skin type before picking out products for your skincare routine. Using ingredients inappropriate for a particular skin type can lead to untoward reactions. Avoid thick creams and ointments that could clog the pores and cause more acne.

5. Avoid overdrying the skin

If you have oily skin, washing it more than a couple of times a day can overdry it. Overdrying would lead the body to compensate for the dryness and produce more sebum, which would again add to the development of acne.