Quiet luxury is out, all things flashy and fabulous are in. Forget subtle, we’re diving headfirst into bold statement jewellery this fall. Think ear cuffs, brooches, stacked rings, and body bling – these are the accessories you need to know about! This season, it’s not just about adorning your neck, wrists, and fingers – we’re going all out. Consider donning a chainmail bra or an ear cuff that can add the perfect touch of flair while helping you decide if you’re ready for another piercing. These jewellery trends are perfect for complementing your entire outfit.

1. Ear cuffs

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Have you heard about “earscaping.” It’s like landscaping but for your ears! This fall, we’re going all out with ear cuffs. They’re ideal for those with a collection of piercings or no piercings at all, offering a low-stakes way to stay trendy while deciding if you want that next piercing.

2. Body jewellery 

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Who said jewellery should be limited to necks, fingers, ears, and wrists? This season, embrace the trend of wearing jewellery on your torso. Swap a shirt under your suit for a bunch of chains or layer a delicate piece over a plain tee. There are no rules; it’s all about self-expression.

3. Stacked rings

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A single ring won’t cut it this fall – the bolder, the better! Embrace the maximalist trend of ring stacking. Mix and match different metals until you achieve an eclectic yet intentional look. Remember, there’s no such thing as too many rings!

4. Pearls 

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Pearls are making a grand return this season, and they’re more popular than ever. Get ready to see pearl-encrusted everything, from sunglasses to classic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Pearls are the timeless touch that elevates any outfit.

5. Brooches

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Brooches are back in fashion! They’re incredibly versatile and can add character to any outfit. Whether you cluster them on a plain jacket, adorn a skirt, or showcase your interests with a unique design, brooches are the perfect accessory when traditional necklaces or body jewellery just won’t do. Let’s all agree that brooches are cool once again!