ClapClap is a new digital magazine founded by Karishma Govil, the former head of social media for Miss Malini. With the debut of its own monthly digital magazine starting this month, ClapClap, a platform created by a media enthusiast herself, aims to inform readers about stories of passionate first-time experiences with creators, celebrities, and more.

The online magazine aims to give readers access to engaging discussions about a variety of topics, including pop culture, beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle, start-ups, creators, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, as well as events and experiences. In keeping with this, its digital magazine features a prominent media figure for the cover story every month, where they relate personal experiences, share insights, even play fun games, and much more. Well, the launch of the magazine was incredible, but what really caught our attention were some of the coolest things we spotted at the launch. 

1. Checkered Back Drop

ClapClap launched with a bang and what captures memories better than pictures? We spotted a fun checkered backdrop where the guests clicked pictures and created memorable content. From the choice of colors to its placement everything about it was a vibe.

2. The Theme

Bonus points for this one, the party actually had an interesting theme which was bling. Yes, you read it right, Karishma and her loved ones showed up in stunning blingy outfits.

3. The One Tight Clap

Besides the red carpet, there was a special segment for the guests called ‘One Tight Clap’. And it goes something like this, the host will ask you some fun and juicy questions and all you have to do is clap if you have ever done it. Sounds cool right? 

4. Karishma Govil & her heartfelt speech

Even the most important moments are incomplete without speeches, Karishma gave such a heartfelt speech by remembering her late grandmother popularly known as Baby Tabassum, making of ClapClap, and more. She left everyone in the room teary-eyed.  

5. Top creators of the country were spotted celebrating the launch

From Munawar Faruqui to top creators of the country were spotted at the launch celebrating the eve. 

6. Decor & Location

The decor of the place was top-notch, it was all lit and picture worthy. 

7. Food

We had some lip-smacking food options at the party along with some drinks to wash it down.

This doesn’t end here, ClapClap had also sent creators to the F1 race in Singapore, the cricket T20 World Cup in Australia, the Paris Fashion Week, the F1 race in Abu Dhabi, and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in order to share the best experiences from across the globe with the audience. Neel and his wife Shriya, Karan Sonawane, Unnati Malharkar, Saurabh Ghadge, Manav Chhabra, Tanzeel Khan, Dhruv Shah & Shyam Sharma (@funcho), Anshuman Malhotra, Mohammed Ali Mirajkar, Himika Bose, director Sahir Raza, Zaid Durbar, and football coach Zoheb Khan and many others, experienced these significant moments firsthand with Karishma. And these opportunities lead to some amazing content for all their fans.