This year has been pretty great in terms of content, specifically shows that can be binge-watched on OTT platforms. There is much to watch on TV, whether you like superhero movies, mystery/thrillers, or merely comedies or dramas. Here is a list of the top ones that are our all time favourites:

1. Stranger Things

stranger things

The fandom has grown massively ever since the first season came out. It just takes a strange girl, a missing boy, and some mystery for you to spend a weekend binge-watching the seasons. Unpredictable events and twists will have you on the edge of your seat. It is a perfect combination of science, experiments, and fantasy.

2. Ms. Marvel

ms marvel

Ms. Marvel, starring Iman Vellani, is one of the best superhero television series to air on Disney+ Hotstar. The show connects it to the rest of the MCU by following the lead, Kamala Khan’s journey as a teenage superhero.

3. Peacemaker


John Cena’s portrayal of The Peacemaker was originally seen in the Suicide Squad sequel movie, and he was so excellent in it that he was given his own TV series.

4. Breathe


Breathe, an Indian series on Amazon Prime Video tells a tale of love and despair. To save his son, a father will go to any lengths, even to the point of killing others. Sounds too similar? It is the plot of so many Hollywood movies, including the well-known John Q starring Denzel Washington.

5. Mirzapur


One of the most talked about Indian series is Mirzapur. It may be too insensitive for some viewers. For anyone wishing to binge-watch this crime thriller. Be ready to witness excellent performances by Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Vikrant Massey. The show revolves around mafia rivalry in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

6. Friends


This show centres on the lives of six friends and is unquestionably one of the best Netflix series. It portrays their daily challenges with work, life, family, and love in a hilarious way. They stick together despite their ups and downs to create one of the greatest and most recognisable shows of all time.

7. Black Mirror


One show you should definitely consider watching is Black Mirror. Long episodes make you feel like you are living it, and sci-fi technology from the not-too-distant future makes it even more exciting. The twisted plots and a mix of dark instincts keep you engaged till the end.