I seriously can’t stand chapped lips – it’s like my pet peeve! I’ve been lugging around all sorts of lip balms, butter, and even pure ghee in tiny containers for my lips. You could say I’m a bit obsessed with keeping my lips smooth. After years of trying every lip product out there, I stumbled upon an unexpected solution that doesn’t involve actual lip products. Can you guess what? Eye cream! And let me break down why it’s actually genius!

Reality check

Lip balms, the holy grail of lip care, don’t do squat for my dry lips. They’re made with stuff like beeswax or petrolatum that basically sit on your lips to lock in moisture. But here’s the kicker – they don’t actually sink into the skin’s deep layers, so they’re not giving my parched lips the love they need.

Heavy lip butters and oils are a no-no

I tried going heavy-duty with lip butters and oils, but my skin’s combo nature teamed up with my dry lips to give me pimples around my mouth. Not a good look! Plus, those heavy balms aren’t exactly comfy if you’re prone to licking your lips when you chat. So, what’s a gal like me, who despises chapped lips (and loves impromptu makeup sessions), supposed to do? Enter eye cream!

I’ll admit, desperation drove me to start rubbing expensive eye cream on my lips. Do you know Hilary Duff swears by using eye cream for smile lines? That hit me like a ton of bricks! But turns out, applying eye cream to other parts of your face for dryness and lines is a legit move. Lips and the eye area share thin, delicate skin that needs some extra TLC. Eye creams pack a punch – they’re loaded with good stuff like ceramides, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E. The concentration of these goodies is higher in a tiny dab of eye cream compared to your regular moisturizers. It’s like a turbo boost for your lips without the need for tons of product. The cream soaks into your lip skin and gets to work without needing constant reapplication.

The ageing factor

And here’s the icing on the cake, the anti-wrinkle perks. Yeah, your lips can get wrinkly too! As we age, collagen takes a hit, and our lips get thinner. That’s where anti-ageing magic comes in. Eye creams with retinol or adenosine can seriously smooth out any roughness. Some even have AHAs, BHAs, or PHAs in gentle doses to exfoliate your lips. Plus, eye creams are made to be lightweight, so no heavy, gloopy mess on your lips. With all these amazing benefits, it’s a wonder more people aren’t onto this eye cream hack for lips!