How could one colour ever be described as “nude”? However, the fashion and beauty industries used the term “nude” to describe items like lipstick, bras, and nail polish when what we really meant was “some version of beige” for a very long time. We have now evolved. The best foundations and concealers now come in tones from the lightest porcelain to the deepest mahogany and the many colours in between instead of being restricted to a small skin-tone range. Additionally, the “nude” palette of shoe designer Christian Louboutin, which initially only had one colour (beige), now has seven. That’s a couple of steps in the right way. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect nude makeup for your skin tone.

1. Determine your undertones

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Take a look at the veins around your wrist. If you see green, you have an olive or neutral undertone; if you see blue, you have a cool undertone. If you see yellow, you have a warm undertone. You can also choose lip, cheek, and nail colours according to your undertones. If you have a cool undertone, stick to nudes with blue and purple undertones. Look for caramel and brown tones for a warmer complexion.

2. Make sure your base is flawless

To make your makeup look more like skin, mist a fluffy brush with face spray and brush it over foundation, blush, bronzer, and highlighter to make it look natural and flawless. Apply foundation first to smooth areas like your cheeks to prevent creases. From there, blend while avoiding grin lines and crow’s feet. Use a brush to apply makeup to zits instead of using your fingers, which will only cover the top of the zit.

3. Find a natural cheek look

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When applied to brown skin, certain neutral blushes and matte bronzers look highly pigmented in the container but become ashy or invisible. Amplify the colour by applying it on damp skin because they become a little more opaque and offer more of a sunkissed appearance. To lift your face, apply it directly beneath your cheekbones and up into your temples.”

4. The perfect nude mani

Simple pink or beige colours are okay but don’t be scared to experiment with brown and caramel tones too. Try toffee-coloured varnishes with a tinge of yellow or orange for light and deep complexions with warm undertones. And shimmering browns, look lovely on people with deep complexions and red undertones.

5. Find your perfect nude lip colour.


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Peachy-beige hues, complement golden undertones. If your skin is on the lighter side of the brown spectrum. Choose a pinky-nude share, if your skin tone is a little cooler, try colours like caramel or toffee. For medium brown skin sepia, mocha, and chocolate hues with a tinge of red, orange, or golden specks for warmth and dimension work well.