Fashion trends can be like boomerangs—they come back around! After a long reign of Y2K styles, we’re seeing a blast from the past with trends from the 2010s making a comeback, and one trend that’s making a return is the peplum.

Peplums Are Back!

Peplums were once seen as outdated, but now they’re stealing the spotlight again. Big names in fashion like Prabal Gurung and Alexander McQueen are loving this trend. Delicate mesh peplums are being flaunted by celebs like Deepika Padukone and Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet. At the 2024 Oscars, Emma Stone turned heads in a stunning Louis Vuitton peplum gown. Her look wowed everyone and showed just how chic peplums can be.

Peplum History

Peplums have been around for ages, popping up in fashion throughout history. They became popular again after World War II, and then in the 2010s, they were everywhere, from sleek pencil skirts to fancy gowns. This year designers are giving peplums a modern twist. Runways are filled with new peplum styles, from soft and flowy to structured and sleek. 

Tips for Rocking the Peplum

Keep it Balanced – Pair a peplum top with fitted bottoms for a flattering look.

Find the Right Length – Choose a peplum length that suits your body shape.

Layer it Up – Experiment with layering to add depth to your outfit.

Go Easy on Accessories – Let the peplum shine by keeping accessories simple.

Choose the Right Shoes – Pick shoes that make your legs look longer and complement your outfit.

Get the Fit Right – Make sure your peplum fits well—it’s all about looking and feeling great!

The return of the peplum trend is proof that fashion always comes full circle.

Photo Credits – Getty Images, Prabal Gurung, Alexander Mcqueen, Deepika Padukone