The Indian subcontinent experiences its fair share of weather fluctuations. Some places experience temperatures that are nearly frigid and others are mild and breezy. There isn’t a general clothing code that applies to the entire nation since you might need a thick coat in some places while only a shawl would do the job in others. If in Mumbai, you dare to wear a pair of fur boots, they could come off as a little desperate during winter. However, in Delhi, you would need to cover yourself in layers to survive the cold. So, state by state, we outline the most appropriate winter clothing.


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Mumbai may enjoy pulling out Christmas-themed decorations and sweets during this time but snow fall isn’t an option. Although some keen dressers might have their jackets and fur boots ready for their winter vacations. Layers are the secret to making everything look more stylish but you might want to keep it subtle. You can wear a light single layer over a regular t-shirt, with the average low temperature being 22 degrees. Your shoes can be the focal point of this outfit. Boots are perhaps your finest option because they are the universal symbol for winter and the indicator of the weather outdoors. Think booties and avoid anything warm or fuzzy. Ankle boots are a focal point in most outfits because they allow you to wear shorts and boots without seeming like different body parts are dressed for different time zones.


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Delhi is India’s fashion capital. It benefits from having the wide range of temperatures needed for seasonal dressing. The best excuse to put on layers is the forecasted low of 12 degrees at night during the winter. Layers will hide a piece of dessert you ate when you thought no one was looking, in addition to adding texture and dimension. A stylish coat is a great option for looking like you are in a winter wonderland. Try a vibrant colour, faux fur, or even an oversized coat to make it look like you stole it from your boyfriend.


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Only a collection of indie elements can really express Kolkata’s diverse aesthetic. Layering is usually the right way to go when styling pieces but Kolkata’s humid climate is a drawback. Fortunately, this winter’s lows are expected to be 18 degrees. Even while there is still an opportunity for layering, you can keep it light with a striking stole or shawl.


Chennai is usually a warm city; it is never too cold. But if the temperature dips below 21 degrees, people start to shiver. Thick jackets are a long shot but just to get the winter spirit on a light-knit pullover or a cardigan can help you stay toasty.