Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration, family, and spreading joy. It’s also the perfect occasion to indulge in some delightful lifestyle bundles that can elevate your Diwali experience. 

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gifts, these handpicked Diwali bundles will add to your festive glow this year. Let’s explore the best Diwali bundles for a season filled with happiness and warmth.

1. Britacel Healthcare:

Start your Diwali on a healthy note with Britacel Healthcare’s wellness bundle. Packed with high-quality fabric softners, liquid dish-washing soaps, detergents and more. After all, good and aromatic hygiene is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

INR 1,000

2. Paul & Mike Chocolates Diwali Gift Box:

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Paul & Mike Chocolates Diwali Gift Box. Filled with delectable chocolates in various flavors and shapes, it’s the perfect gift for those with a passion for all things sweet. Share these chocolates with your loved ones and add a touch of sweetness to your Diwali celebrations.

INR 1,100

3. Madmix:

For those who love to experiment with flavors, the Madmix chakhna bundle is a must-try. Madmix healthy puffs aren’t just snack-worthy but are edible fireworks in themselves. They take the ‘millet’ route to snack heaven, and this Diwali you can do just that.

INR 150

4. Pawpourri Pet Ear Muffs:

Don’t forget about your furry friends this Diwali. Keep them comfortable and stress-free during the fireworks and celebrations with Pawpourri Pet Ear Muffs. These adorable accessories will ensure that your pets enjoy a peaceful and calm Diwali.

INR 400

5. Meolaa’s Diwali Gift Hamper:

Meolaa’s Diwali Gift Hamper offers a delightful assortment of treats and surprises. From gourmet snacks to scented candles and festive decor, this hamper has it all. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a little bit of everything.

INR 2099

6. Lucid Vodka:

Raise a toast to the festival of lights with Lucid Vodka. This premium vodka is perfect for crafting your favorite cocktails. Enjoy the warmth and glow of Diwali with your friends and family, sipping on delightful concoctions.

INR 1200

7. Glow and Shine Diwali Delight Bundle by YourHappyLife:

YourHappyLife’s Glow and Shine Diwali Delight Bundle is designed to help you shine from within. Filled with beauty and skincare products, this bundle will have you looking and feeling your best during the festive season. It’s the ideal gift for anyone who wants to dazzle this Diwali.

INR 6989

8. Love Macadamia:

Love Macadamia’s Diwali bundle offers a delightful selection of macadamia nuts, perfect for gifting or snacking. These nutritious nuts are a healthy and tasty addition to your Diwali festivities.


9. Vahdam:

Vahdam’s Diwali bundle is a tea lover’s dream come true. With an assortment of fine teas, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind during the festive season. Sip on a cup of aromatic tea and enjoy the serenity of Diwali.


INR 599-2624

10. Eastern Sweets By Sangeeta:

For those with a sweet tooth and a love for traditional Indian sweets, Eastern Sweets By Sangeeta is the perfect Diwali bundle. Choose from a variety of mouthwatering sweets like laddoos, and mithais to add an authentic touch to your celebrations.

INR 1299 Onwards

11. Coppetto Artisan Gelato:

When it comes to ice-creams and the ocean of flavors that cater to the bond and love each person shares. The rich Chocolate and raspberry gelato flavors symbolizes the enduring love shared with the family and Pistachio stands for the exciting adventures taken during the festival of lights. This is your ultimate hamper of love and sweetness.

INR 210 Onwards

12. The Simple Brew

As the name and our love for brews unveils this delicious and yet medium to strong beans that can be used in just about anything. A perfect bundle for your sleepy owl or a pack that bring the family together.

INR 935

These Diwali bundles cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, making it easy to find the perfect addition to your celebrations or thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. So, this Diwali, make your festivities even more special with these bundles that promise to add a little extra sparkle to your celebration.