Scrolling through our social media feeds, we’ve all encountered mind-bending videos—like giant blobs of lipstick dripping against a monument or colossal handbags parading Parisian streets. Welcome to the era of surrealist marketing, a new wave that seamlessly blends contemporary advertising with abstract, surrealistic elements.

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Surrealism, an art movement born in the early 20th century, explores the illogical facets of human experience, tapping into the unconscious mind and dreams. Like Frida Kahlo’s vibrant self-portraits, Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, or Pablo Picasso’s abstract masterpieces. Now, this avant-garde approach has infiltrated the fashion industry, with major names like Jacquemus, Victoria Beckham, and Isabel Marant embracing the surreal.


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Global fashion brand Jacquemus took surrealist marketing to new heights by parading oversized replicas of its iconic handbags onto the streets of Paris. The buzz it generated on social media was palpable. The company ingeniously blurred the lines between reality and illusion, using technology to make it seem as if massive handbags were traversing the city.

Fae Beauty

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Indian beauty brand Fae joined the surrealism bandwagon, employing the technique to launch their Lip Whip lipstick. Against the iconic backdrop of the Gateway of India, a disproportionately large wand showcased the creamy formulation trickling down the monument. This bold move garnered substantial engagement, reinforcing the effectiveness of surrealism in mainstream marketing.

Onitsuka Tiger

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In a world yearning for escapism, surrealist marketing taps into the desire to discover the extraordinary in the mundane. Brands like Onitsuka Tiger leverage this trend to surprise and entertain audiences, standing out on crowded social media platforms. Bold and dramatic, surrealist marketing creates memorable experiences, fostering deep emotional connections with the audience—a requisite for cutting through the noise in the digital era.