Restaurants that win the lottery when it comes to ambience and vibes are the ones that have secured the sea-view aesthetic. This just doesn’t mean expensive menus and an air that awaits the beach right where you are, but the feeling of belonging along with a space that allows you to truly enjoy your meal.

Very rarely will you come across people who would rather opt for an indoor seating, but majority will love sea-view facing spots, and we’re here to give you a few to ought to do the trick.

1. Cecconi’s:

This Soho house luxe dine in restaurant has some of the best views of the beach. Sip on the best cocktails under sunshine, and brunch with the best vibes and aesthetic that can make your Sundays truly the best. This place hosts the best of gal-getaways, with subscription based membership getting a luxe-treatment with an overall approach of chill.

2. Estella:

When romance naturally translates to a space such as Estella. Juhu’s hot-spot attracts the best of faces, especially for their open and breezy ambience. A spot like this makes for the perfect event space, and also for a late-romantic night in feast.

3. Gadda da Vida:

When 5 star hotels hold the most lush restaurants within them, it gives it a higher boost of comfort. Novotel and Gadda da Vida which hold the most unobstructed views of the Arabian Sea – that pair stunning with their large choices of cocktails and a splendid sunset view. A thrill of great food, drinks and view along with the serene ambiance – Gadda da Vida should be on your list.

4. Dome:

This dome-like structure that overlooks Nariman point, stuns of luxury and high-end terrace dining. This South-Bombay restaurant has buzzed all the talk of providing the perfect sea-side vibe with the best of dishes and attire that sets up the mood for the most memorable event by the sea. 

Exquisite dining comes with its own pre-requisites, and for the lovers of the ocean – these spots could just be the much needed get-away they might need that reminds them of solace and great food.