The epitome of being distinguished by the love for cuisines that makes your personality so appealing is what each individual strives to aim for. When it comes to tastebuds the walk of experimentation is far-fetched. Those who let loose and discover themselves through palates and cultures, make for a refined being.

However, this notion of ‘live to eat’ somehow does not apply to a broad percentage of individuals. With the presence of diets and meal plans, losing the charm to truly live. But the ones who do identify as “foodies” come with their own personality traits that translate well to their decisions as well.

Pleasure is important:

The consumption of varieties of flavors, astringents, mixtures in the way of trying out newer delicacies and local cultures can be extremely pleasurable to the nerves and mind. Just how sex translates to pleasure, so does food. It is one bowl or a plate full of dopamine that does the trick.

Experimenting and discovering traits about the self has to be linked to the fun of adventure and experiences. Food connects memories to places, individuals and events. Moving away from cuisines, adventure seekers tend to aim for the high-life and opt for experiences such as water sports, sky-diving, bungee jumping, and more.

Happy go-lucky kind:

When you know they would be up for anything and making plans with them would be extremely thrilling and easy. Making it an experience for the rest of the group to devour themselves, and learn a little more about their own palate and discover likes or dislikes when it comes to different cuisines.


Their warm personalities introduces their palates to the rest that may or may not have the same personality. Varieties in the world of creating and travelling to restaurants and destinations come with their very own advantages. Making them or you extremely comfortable and open to new things.

While eat to live isn’t a negative concept but rather restricted, live to eat introduces dimensions to cuisines and food, enabling you to balance fitness and food perfectly. Listening to what your body craves for, at every moment is extremely crucial and feeding it what it needs is the key to lasting health.

Beauty lies in everything the eye sets its sight to. Here its food and those who have aced the wonder of the palate, know everything is worth a try!