Teachers day every year makes us extremely proud of our gurus. From creating content either in the classroom or in front of the phone. The journey isn’t easy for any of them, and what comes out of it is something so unique and grasping that we end up being their students and taking home information that only makes us better individuals.

Throughout the years, I think we’ve all recognized the fact that teachers once you step out of school, you’ll find many. With an interesting take on life, food, travel, love, hardships, fitness and more – the curve to learning is endless. And they make it fun and interesting to learn, with their own twists.

Here’s 4 reasons why we love our teachers today:

1. Life Lessons:

Prajakta Koli, Masoom Minawala and many more who are flourishing entrepreneurs today rose to fame with hardships. The fear of failure is a constant in everyone’s lives. Accepting that and moving forward taught us that no matter what consequences or hardships come through, accept it with a smile. That’s the first step to success. 

2. Podcasts:

Podcasts are slowly becoming the one source of information. Just like audiobooks, celebrity podcasts from Ranveer Allahabadia and Navya Naveli Nanda cover fitness, celebrity insights, and lifestyle topics. They let you understand the viewpoint of the speaker, helping you gain tips and tricks and a detailed insight on that specific topic. Podcasts are also a very creative and tough source of creating content, since importance is clearly given to the quality of words and experience you share.

3. A Niche:

When you pick up a niche, you need to be thoroughly well-informed about that domain in order to create content. It’s one thing to learn the text-book for over years and teach that to a bunch of kids in a classroom, to keep your mind open to the new trends and information out there to revolve your content around that. Shivesh Bhatia, Komal Pandey, Seema Anand, Kenny Sebastian, and Divija Bhasin are curators in their own field, and have aced the teaching part too. Their Instagram can testify to that.

4. Live Learnings:

The best part about social media is we follow them where they go. It’s an experience altogether. So you’re learning a lot more, from event coverages to shoots or even conferences. Travel vloggers such as Nikhil Sharma and more, as well as interviews on set tend to help a lot more, eventually leading us to get information on how the industry works. 

We’re grateful for the impact the internet has today, which enables endless learning and through the hands of influencers and creators who are not only doing great in their fields but enable fun learning for all of us.