French influencer marketing agency YKONE recently bought a big chunk, 70%, of Barcode, a rising star in content and influencer marketing. This team-up could mean big things for both and the influencer marketing field.

Working Together

YKONE and Barcode teaming up means they can use their strengths and know-how to seize new business opportunities. This move makes sense considering how fast things change in influencer marketing worldwide. This buyout makes YKONE even stronger in the market. They’re already a big deal, making $100 million in sales with over 300 staff.

YKONE’s Story

Starting in 2008 in Paris, YKONE now works in 18 cities worldwide, from Hong Kong to Milan. They’ve run successful campaigns for fancy brands in luxury, beauty, fashion, travel, and food.

Brand Partnerships

YKONE’s list of friends in the brand world is quite impressive. Big names like Hugo Boss and Nespresso, among others, rely on YKONE to create stories and content that really connect with their audience on social media.

Meet Barcode

Barcode, started in 2019 by Rahul Khanna, has quickly become a big deal. With 150 staff across three offices, they work with companies like YouTube and Unilever. Barcode has built a reputation for outstanding influencer marketing in India. Barcode’s talent agency, CLICK MEDIA, represents popular Indian influencers like Rohit Zinjurke and Karishma Sharma, who have millions of followers. This helps YKONE reach even more people in India.

What’s Next?

By teaming up with Barcode, YKONE is making moves to be a big deal globally and tap into India’s growing influencer market. With their powers combined, they’re set to do great things.