Accessorizing is an art, and statement earrings are the brushstrokes that bring a look to life. These bold, oversized earrings have been spotted everywhere, from celebs to the runway. They add a pop of personality to an outfit and help you jazz it up. Let’s explore some fantastic Indian brands that offer a dazzling array of these gorgeous accessories!

The Bigger, the Better

Statement earrings have long held a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. Their bold designs and striking sizes make them the perfect choice for those who want to make an impression. These earrings can turn a simple outfit into a fashion statement, and they’re perfect for special occasions, parties, or even adding flair to your everyday look.

Diversity of Designs

The beauty of statement earrings lies in their diversity of designs. From intricate beading to geometric shapes, from vibrant colours to metallic accents, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer bohemian chic, modern minimalism, or traditional elegance there’s something for everybody.

Here are some really cool Indian brands that offer an exquisite collection of statement earrings.

1. Varnika Arora

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Varnika Arora’s designs are a celebration of playful and quirky aesthetics. Her statement earrings often feature bold, oversized motifs, unique shapes, and a vibrant colour palette, making them a favourite among those looking for a distinctive style.

2. Tirbari by Symetree

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Tirbari‘s gorgeous collection features artisanal jewelry that are unique yet stunning. They cater to a variety of tastes, making it easy to find the perfect pair to suit your style.

3. Suhani Pittie

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Suhani Pittie is celebrated for her avant-garde and edgy designs. Her statement earrings are a blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, showcasing a fusion of bold elements and delicate detailing.

4. Isharya


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Isharya is known for its glamorous and bold statement earrings, often adorned with semi-precious stones and intricate patterns. Their collections embody a mix of modern design with traditional Indian aesthetics.

5. Outhouse


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Outhouse is a brand that embraces uniqueness in its designs. Their statement earrings often feature eye-catching geometric shapes, asymmetric patterns, and a mix of materials, allowing you to stand out in any crowd.

Run, don’t walk and get yourself a pair of statement earrings because they are here to stay.