Being a vegan is great, when it is either for your health or for the environment. While the number of restaurants that actually cater to vegan options were limited in the past, the recognition of menus that surround pure vegan options are now evolving.

Many spots around town have their own curated or inclusive vegan choices that appeal to multiple (on diet or a lifestyle change) mindsets. All with the same flavors and takes on their own perception and ingredients that make their lives a culinary adventure.

These 5 restaurants are on the top of list and here’s why you should visit them soon:

1. Tijuana:

This new Mexican spot in Kamala Mills that offers authentic Mexican cuisine, now through their specially curated vegan menu should be on your must-visit list. A way to redefine the city’s culinary and nightlife scene combined with an exquisite menu along vibrant entertainment opportunities. 

Traditional favorites such as Guacamole and chips, Garbanzo Tacos, and Mushroom Arrechera – prepared all without yogurt, and more. An experience awaits.

2. Nara Thai:

For a restaurant’s name as quirky and non-vegetariany as it can get, this famous spot has multiple vegetarian and vegan options. While they may not have a curated list – personalizations as per your choices can be made to the dishes. But rest assured dishes that are veg are highly favored among the masses. Our favorites include: Butterfly Pea Rice, and Pad Thai Rice/Noodles, with Thai Ice-Tea of course.

3. Seeds Of Life:

This cafe specializes in all- vegetarian and vegan. From their vast options of plates, the delicious Banana Smoothie Bowl, hearty Pumpkin soup, and the fresh Don’t Kale My Vibe Salad are just the few mouth-watering options to try from. It will be your heaven, since it is ours – indefinitely. 

4. Namak:

From the number of non-vegetarian options on the menu, and also the vegetarian options that promise to devour your senses and palette. Browse through dishes that make your heart cave with the aroma of freshly tossed veggies and more.

5. Earth Plate:

Minestrone soup, Mapo Tofu with Pakchoy, and Tawa Vegetable Pulao have to be among our favorites. Earth Plate situated within Sahara Star is the perfect place you need to be. With a beautiful location and ambience that only elevates your entire vegan-dining experience.

6. Sante Spa Cuisine:

A restaurant that covers only clean eating, Sante Spa Cuisine is located at the heart of BKC. This spot aims to be an embodiment of health and wellness. Offering a wholesome, unique and natural dining experience. Dishes crafted with with freshest and organic ingredients – this venture is a true labor of love by their visionary Chef Shailendra and Sonal Barmecha.

Let us know of any new or existing restaurants that make it to the list of your vegan favorites in the comments below.