Have you ever wanted an alter ego you can switch to, to boost your confidence, jazz up your look, or just mix things up? I’ll tell you my secret, it’s glasses. Experimenting with patterns and shapes has changed the way people express their sense of style, whether it is through a pair of giant sunglasses, sporty dad shades, or daily wear glasses. If you feel like you need to refresh your look a little bit, I’d recommend trying a couple of the 2023 glasses trends. Choosing a pair of glasses can be challenging because it is important to select glasses that fit well and complement your face shape. Here is a rundown of eyewear trends that will help you frame your world this year.

1. Chic Pastels

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Join the eyewear craze before spring arrives and add some colour to the gloomy days. This season can be made more cheerful with the help of pastel frames, whether they have tinted lenses or soft pink frames. You can wear pastel glasses with neutral or vibrant clothing because the colours are light and won’t mess with your colour palette.

2. Metal Frames

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The metal-framed glasses trend can be right for you if you prefer a minimalist design. Since the look is so modest, it’ll look effortless.
ClapClap Tip: Add an accessory made of the same metal as the metal-framed glasses, like earrings or a hair barrette.

3. Sporty Shades

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Sporty eyewear is here to stay! Sporty wrap frames are becoming more of an everyday accessory. They were huge during Y2K and came in so many colours to choose from.

4. Oversized Square Glasses

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The 70s are back and are more daring than ever. We can definitely see the appeal of the gigantic square glasses that are ruling the eyewear market this season. They are an ideal addition to any look and will give off a cool vintage vibe.

5. Geometric Wire Frames

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The clean, modern look of wireframes has always been admired. There is a wide selection of shapes available for all face shapes. Particularly for this season, geometric designs with cutting-edge accents are dominating, offering a modern interpretation of the time-honored classic. For people with lower prescriptions or those who only want blue light protection, these lightweight frames are ideal.