As the sun moves towards us, the weather gets warmer. Just the right time for spring/summer trends to take over. The frosty colours and cool browns of winter don’t feel right anymore because of how warm everything is. This year’s spring hair colours are expected to be warm. We are now witnessing a heat wave of spiced-toffee browns and decadent chocolate in place of ash-toned hues. We picture golden, face-framing highlights and perhaps a cheerful coral instead of platinum.

Spiced Toffee

Jenna Ortega is bringing it with hues of gold, red, and pink. Those tones are vivid and reflecting. Although it can be adjusted to any skin tone, this colour would look fantastic on someone with an olive complexion.

Cute Coral

Coral is a logical progression from the various tones of copper we’ve seen on celebrities over the previous year. The most recent version has a punk rock style and is copper. Cool-girl pink is a simple transition if you’re ready to liven up your hair for spring. Coral is created by mixing vibrant gold with the hue red.

Copper Red

Copper is here to stay. If you prefer something more dramatic and if pink isn’t your thing, try Ice Spice’s darker, coppered crimson. It is a single-colour process that can be tailored to any skin tone. You may want to visit the salon every four to six weeks at the very least for a gloss and root touch-up to maintain vibrancy because these colours fade quickly.

Minty Green

This light green makes more of a statement if variations on blonde or copper trends make you groan. This is a colour-softening filter that enhances the appearance of the colour and gives it a more luxurious, natural aspect. Also, you may adjust the green to your preferences by adding additional blue for a minty hue or a dash of yellow for sage. But it does demand dedication. Your colourist will need to take you to a pale platinum before the green for it to show up well. For less bleaching, deeper hues of teal are an alternative.

Classy Chocolate

For such a gorgeous colour, “brown” has always seemed like such a depressing term. Here on Michelle Yeoh with some faint tone-on-tone highlights. For this shade, touch-ups can wait for 8 to 12 weeks. Apply a gloss for added intensity. Tone-on-tone highlights give dimension to colour without extreme contrast.