Office crushes, we’ve all had them. But what if you want to be the person everyone secretly admires at the office, making heads turn as you walk by? If you’re always online like us, you’ve probably caught wind of the latest aesthetic trend. Inspired partly by the ‘90s and ‘00s trends we can’t stop wearing, partly by Bella Hadid, and partly by rom-coms of yore, the office siren aesthetic is everywhere.

Decoding the Trend

After the Spring/Summer 24 fashion month last September, one subsect of the ’90s and ’00s trends found its place in the spotlight: Y2K office wear. Instead of glittering party dresses and visible thongs, Y2K office wear began to hit both the runways and reels. With the pandemic reshaping work culture, Gen Z, who never experienced Y2K corporate culture firsthand, is now loving the lifestyle of an office with a modern twist.

How to Nail the Look

The office siren vibe stands out from other trends with its kind of agreed-upon look. It’s all about rocking a feminine, and well-put-together outfit in neutral tones. Sandy browns, greys, jet blacks, creams, whites, and touches of leopard print dominate the wardrobe. From semi-sheer tightfitting turtlenecks to pencil skirts and tailored button-ups, the staples are timeless pieces that highlight your style and drive.

Accessorizing like an Office Siren

Accessories play a crucial role in completing the office siren look. Rectangle glasses, statement pearl earrings, chic silver rings, and sensible shoulder bags are staples. While the colour palette remains neutral, occasional pops of cheetah print or dark red add personality and style.

Office Siren Makeup

Just like her clothes, an office siren’s makeup is classic, with one statement moment. Natural-looking skin with a touch of blush, minimal eye makeup with options ranging from brown eyeshadow to cool-toned metallics, and glossy lips or a bold red lipstick complete the look.

Photo Credits: Getty Images, Instagram