Brunches are the next dinners, they have become so popular lately and people make a day out of it. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging about, unwinding, and having breakfast with their loved ones? Brunch is the best option to have a magnificent time. It serves multiple purposes from satisfying hunger with wonderful cuisine to creating memories and telling stories! So let’s indulge in this delectable experience, we have put together this list of amazing locations that you should bookmark for your next visit.

1. Bay View Cafe


bay view cafe

Enjoy waking up to a sumptuous brunch? Then, we recommend Bayview Cafe, which gives an amazing view of the Arabian Sea while you chow down on delicious food and sip on refreshing beverages. This location boasts a rooftop bar with a serene ambiance that will tempt you to stay longer and take advantage of everything they have to offer.

2. The Square

the square

The breakfast and brunch buffets at 5-star restaurants are their best features. This poolside brunch spot gets brownie points for its coastal setting. So many gourmet options to choose from as you enjoy the stunning ocean sunset!. We often get confused between their farm-fresh healthy options and filling comfort meals.

3. Pizza By The Bay

pizza by the bay

This restaurant is located directly across the gorgeous Marine Drive. Want to devour some yummy Italian grubs? Try their outstanding Mumbai Masala Pizza and you’ll thank us later. They also offer a fantastic breakfast and brunch buffet that will absolutely satisfy your cravings. A culinary experience with an amazing view? Yes, please!

4. Dome


Upon entering Dome, an outdoor restaurant in the centre of Mumbai, you are greeted by a panoramic view of Marine Drive. This place is definitely kick-ass, you guys. It serves all the best options, from sizzling main courses to inventive cocktails, top-notch wine, and an on-point view. Everyone swears by this lovely place, so mark your calendars – you know you want to!

5. Cecconi’s Mumbai


Cecconi’s is the best location for brunch because of their delectable Italian food, cosy atmosphere, and beautiful view of the Arabian Sea! As you enjoy their feast that is cheese-oozing and relish-worthy, you may quell your hunger while taking in the breathtaking scenery.