As Indians, if there’s one thing we can harmoniously agree on, is our love for hot sauces. One, because of their versatility and the flavor it brings to any dish. And second because of the burn it gives, reminding us we’re still alive.

I got down to ask the ClapClap team what hot sauces get them flaming, and here are 5 sauces that you may want to store in your inventory right now. 

1. Kaatil:

Kaatil Hot Sauce No. 4 and 7 are two killer choices when it comes to the combination of 2 chilies that start off sweet, and then build up leaving heat as your favored after-taste. The flavors of Kaatil are such that it makes you crave more. As the name suggests, it rightly suggests the death of our taste buds, but we love it nevertheless. Our Social Media Executive Sakshi Arora can back up all claims.

2. Naagin:

If there’s a brand that has reimagined the scenario for Indian spices, it is Naagin. With 3 levels to each sauce, they have taken a route that is traditional to India but with methods that introduce newer flavors with a whole new take to chilies. Naagin is your complex and flavorful companion on a rainy night or under the blanket with your favorite plate of momos. It is our CEO and Founder, Karishma Govil certified. It’s time you test the spice too.

3. Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce:

The flavor of Peri Peri that translates to African Bird’s Eye Chili. This sauce is the beauty of garlic, lemon and the former, which has found its way from South Africa to the world. A hot sauce like this is what’s more loved by Indians too. An African touch in a fresh and exciting way that is packed with a lot of heat. This is Arshya’s choice that stands for representation and dominance.

4. Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce:

The religious Korean fan will always have this bottle at their house. It’s not just because of the emotion it carries but the flavor of spicy chicken and variations in the same, make it for a different experience every time. Our Senior Beauty and Fashion writer, Krishika Bhatia, definitely thinks the same, knowing the layers of personalities she has to carry.

5. Tabasco:

My all-time favorite. The tanginess and the spice that slowly creeps up the tongue, leaving heat and a delicious after-taste. Most of the time, a little lick and drip on my favorite snacks just does the trick. With a water like consistency, tabasco is every Indian’s inventory best friend, for it’s mine for certain.

If you’ve got any hot sauces that you would love to recommend, comment down below. We’ll give it a try and maybe you’ll get to hear from us if it did get us or not!

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