I follow my fair-share of pages and brands on Instagram that are huge on the importance and tradition of gems and stones. The power of different stones impact your wellbeing – and that is when you know they’re worth it.

People throughout the ages have used crystals and stones for their spiritual and healing properties, using it as an alternative medicine. Each crystal carries their own unique vibration that enhances protection, chakra alignment, clearing, focus and more.

On the basis of the intention you set, these stones and crystals help tap into the energetic properties. Most of the stones available today are associated with healing, intuition, and correction. 

Here are a list of 5 must-haves crystals for a holistic approach to life:

1. Amethyst:

Amethyst is the most popular stone that associates itself with healing. The properties revolve around stimulating and soothing the mind and emotions. Known as the “Gem Of Fire”, a precious stone in similarities to the diamond. This stone signifies faithful love, dignity, passion, creativity and spirituality and yet bears the logic of sobriety and temperament. 

Widely known for enhancing intuition, protection, wellbeing, and breaking of bad habits, the Amethyst actively influences these aspects. It’s an all-in-one stone.

2. Rose Quartz:

Known as the stone for unconditional love, Rose Quartz emits the feelings of love, joy and emotional healing. It can help boost feelings of calmness, self-love and peace. The beautiful pink hue is widely used in accessories that accentuate positive aura and beauty.

3. Ametrine:

Balance, courage and strength is what ametrine stands for. It is known as the stone of harmony as it is the combination of amethyst and citrine. Also renowned as the stone of manifestation – bringing your desires to life. When it comes to mental wellbeing this stone can help aid stress, headaches, migraines and thereby improve mental clarity and focus. 

4. Angelite:

The core meaning of this stone is the embodiment of all things divine. This stone is a transcendental stone, it has the ability to connect you with divine beings, allowing you to tap into the magic of the universe and beyond. It grants you the power to accept protection and guidance from the angels. 

The power protects the throat and heart, from infections and ailments, and blood-related issues. Encouraging natural detoxification, flushing harmful substances from the body and encouraging better health.

5. Pyrite:

Pyrite is seen and valued as a strong protection stone. It shields the wearer from negative energy and environmental pollutants. Stimulating the second and third chakra, enhancing the strength of the mind and willpower. Promoting physical well-being, brings luck, and attracts wealth and abundance are a few qualities of the Pyrite.

One way to surround yourself with these stones would be to decorate them around your baths, embedded in jewelry or in your meditation routines.