Korean beauty has taken the world by storm. But as a beauty writer, after testing multiple brands, this one hit the spot. What’s not to love about formulations that promise results, are made with ingredients backed by science, and have adorable packaging? Laneige recently collaborated with Athiya Shetty and who better than a skincare lover to carry the torch of dewy skin?

ClapClap spoke to Athiya about her new collaboration with Laneige, her skincare and her self-care routine, here is how it went…

The definition of beauty is ever-changing, what does it mean to you personally?

AS- Beauty for me is more than just external appearances; it encompasses inner health and well-being. It is a true reflection of your inner well-being and overall state of health. It is important to keep in mind that true beauty is not always something we can touch or see, but rather something that radiates from within, such as confidence and kindness. 

What is self-care for you?

AS- For me, self-care means taking care of myself both mentally and physically. It’s about setting aside time to do things that make me feel happy and relaxed. I ensure I fill my gratitude journal as I start my day. 

Skincare plays a big role in self-care, what’s your skincare routine like?

AS- I make sure my morning routine is simple in comparison to my evening routine. In the evening, I ensure that I double-cleanse my skin twice and apply a refreshing face mask. Additionally, I enjoy generously applying Laneige’s sleeping mask all over my skin and finishing it off with Laneige lip sleeping mask, berry flavour.

What are some of your favourite skincare products and why?

AS- My favourite products are the Laneige lip sleeping mask, berry flavour and their radian-c sunscreen. I have this product in each and every bag of mine, next to my nightstand and in my skincare cabinet. I also, keep the radian-c sunscreen in my handbag, to ensure reapplication of sunscreen. 

What is non-negotiable in terms of self-care?

AS- Filling in my gratitude journal in the morning is a non-negotiable when it comes to my self-care routine. 

What are your top 5 skincare or DIY tips?

AS- I thoroughly enjoy using a chilled coffee solution soaked in a cotton pad to treat my under-eye area. It really helps reduce puffiness and provides an instant refreshing sensation. Additionally, I love applying a mixture of papaya and besan on my skin. 

Tell us about your association with Laneige

AS- I am very excited to have collaborated with Laneige India. Even prior to our partnership, Laneige has been an integral part of my skincare regimen. I deeply appreciate the simplicity, user-friendliness, and remarkable results that their products offer. As Laneige strongly promotes beauty from within and without, it is also a form of praise to have partnered with such a brand.

From her refreshing skincare routine to her dedication to self-care, Athiya embodies the essence of true beauty, inside and out. We can’t wait to see her continue to spread the radiance and inspire us all to embrace self-love.