If a genie gave me three beauty wishes, I’d totally go for flawless hair every time. I mean, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at curling my hair after years of practice, but all that hard work goes down the drain as soon as I step outside. And if you’ve ever rocked those full-bodied curls only to end up with sad, limp strands by the time you’re back home, then you’re in the same boat. I’ve done some digging, and it seems like there are a few solid reasons why our curls pull a disappearing act.

Let’s Talk Hair Health

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So, there’s this thing called “virgin hair” – hair that’s never seen a drop of chemicals. Apparently, it’s the MVP of hair health since the outer layer (the cuticle) is all smooth and laid flat. This kind of hair doesn’t hold styling as well as we’d like, unlike chemically treated hair that’s like, “I’m lifting off!” But if you’re not down for a chemistry experiment on your hair, there’s hope. Spritz some texture spray from roots to ends, and bam, you’ve got some oomph that’ll make those curls hang on. And if you’re all about adding colour, go for balayage – it’s not just colour, it’s style too.

Moisture Matters

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If your hair sizzles when you’re waving those heat tools, it’s not a cooking show gone wrong, it’s your hair being too wet. Wet hair and hot tools are like frenemies that end up in a hair disaster. Moisture also has this wild way of messing with your hair’s bonds and turning it into a frizz fest. So, before you start the styling fiesta, give your hair a chance to air dry or speed things up with a blast dryer. Oh, and beware of the humid air – it’s not your curls’ BFF. Go for tighter curls so even if they decide to take a breather, they’ll fall into a chill beachy wave. And products? Anti-frizz serums and hairsprays that defy humidity are your new buddies.

Textured for Success

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Here’s a secret – squeaky-clean hair isn’t always the best canvas for styling. That’s why day-two or day-three hair is like gold for stylists. Super-clean hair can be a bit slippery, making it hard to shape the way you want. Try a volumizing spray as your pre-game warmup. It gives your hair the grip and texture it needs to cooperate. You could also try a fluffy mousse on damp hair or a mega-hold spray on dry locks.

Tools of the Trade


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If your curls are “flatter” than “fab,” your styling game might need a tweak. My go-to trick? Flat iron curls. They’re like a cosy sandwich for your hair, ensuring that heat gets evenly distributed. And here’s a neat trick: after curling, let your curl chill in your hand or pin it up to cool. This moulds the curl and extends its life.