What happens when we settle for minimalism and are thrilled by receiving nominal efforts in either your career, relationship, a guy you’ve just met, or your group of friends? You accept it thinking that’s what you deserve. 

With this upcoming generation that is already hardwired to not accept anything less than they deserve and look for better is what the majority of us should actually aim for. And that’s the proof that our generation expects and loves themselves a little too little. Because that is just how we see things to be.

Candle-light dinners, trips, gifts and efforts – is what is lacking. Honestly, this isn’t even a relationship check-note but rather a self assuring and gratitude practice, that we don’t do. 

1. Setting Your Standards Straight:

The first step to setting boundaries is by making them clear. You can either add hints by what you expect, be it a long romantic drive or a birthday gift. If he doesn’t match those little things then, that relationship wasn’t meant to be. With your boss it can be an email regarding a raise or promotion. Or a change in company that makes you happy, is something we all strive for.

2. Taking Yourself Out On Dates:

You know yourself best. Do what makes you happy. Whether it’s café hopping or bar hopping – meeting new strangers and discovering more about yourself when you’re alone is what vulnerability and authenticity brings. 

3. A Little Wellness Goes A Long Way:

Bundle up with all of your skin and body care essentials. Whip up a bath with essential oils and set the mood. Light music and wine by the side can just knock off the stress and invite a lil loving right where it’s needed. 

4. Saying No:

We all love to be seen as easy going, but not to that extent where you end up saying “it’s okay” even when it’s clearly not. This is usually true for late nights and when your boss won’t let you go home. Rather than taking on commands, stay put and deny – making sure they understand your need to log off from work and focus on better things for the evening.

When we expect and love ourselves less, hoping for it to come from others – we tolerate our surroundings rather than working against it and for our happiness. And all of this is what counts for self-love in the long run.