Y2k has been influential in terms of fashion trends. Then came the love-hate relationship with skinny jeans. Yes, it was flattering but took away our free will to breathe. Now the time has come to let skinny jeans rest in peace and move on. It is the era of anti-fit and comfy core clothing. If you want to live, laugh, and love while also looking your best. Non-restrictive silhouettes help you with daily tasks while minimising any discomfort, which is connected with increased efficiency. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that they are stunning from an aesthetic sense.

1. Eka


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Eka is inspired by the simplicity of pastoral pleasures, the minimalistic clothing encourages individual expression. Eka draws from indigenous skills, where natural materials are developed from India’s regional craft belts focusing on functional and timeless designs. Pop on some statement jewellery with this one and you are good to go.

2. Rimi Nayak India


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A label that definitely deserves more hype. Rimi Nayak India is a woman-owned sustainable label. Their free-flowing clothing is defined by sensuous drapes and signature prints. This breezy blue dress has me planning my next vacation already.

3. Ka-Sha



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Ka-Sha’s exquisite sets have us hooked. They have a zero waste policy and focus on the longevity of each piece. What’s more? They offer to repair, renew or refurbish their designs as a step towards sustainability. The lovely Adam jacket can be paired with a dress for your next brunch event.

4. The Summer House


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The label works with rural artisans to sustain traditional craft techniques and textiles, aiming to bridge the gap between age-old craftsmanship and modern wardrobes. The tiered dress is designed using organic cotton cambric and has in-seam pockets. Style it with arm cuffs and braids for a fun bohemian look.

5. Cord


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Cord’s collections are created with a focus on art. They are a concoction in terms of print and colour blending. Be it a simple dress or a vividly printed jacket they are brought together by harmony. A sense of tranquility is an almost recurrent feature in all their collections. Who doesn’t like wearable art?