Makeup trends change every season, but Y2K makeup is totally back in style, like, majorly back. You know what trend from the Y2K era we’re totally avoiding? Those super skinny brows. Nope, not happening. It’s all about those full, fluffy, on-point brows now. And guess what’s making a big comeback alongside this natural brow vibe? Soap eyebrows, and here’s a simple guide on how to nail them.

How to get them right?

You take a spoolie (little brush for your brows) and wet it with water or setting spray. Then, grab a soap bar – yes, like the one in your bathroom – and run that spoolie over the soap. Now, brush your brows upwards, and voila! you’ve got these bomb-looking brows that are on fleek. It’s like that eyebrow lamination that’s all the rage, but you can do it at home, and it’s super quick.

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Did you see Gigi Hadid rocking those soap brows? Yep, she’s totally into it. But hey, if soap isn’t your jam, there are other options. Enter eyebrow gels and pomades. These things are like magic in a little tube. They can give you good hold without the soap suds, and they’re way less messy. Whether you want a low-key natural vibe or some seriously dramatic brows, these gels got you covered. Just swipe them on, and bam, your brows are ready to slay.

How to pick the right products?

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When you’re shopping for brow products, it’s all about your personal style. If your brows are sparse, go for a tinted brow gel and maybe throw in a brow pencil for those tiny gaps. You’ll end up with brows that look dense and totally lush. But if your brows are already big and bold, or if you’re just a chill brow person, a clear gel is your winner.

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Look for gels that give you a soft hold – you don’t want your brows feeling like a crunchy mess. The best ones separate your brow hairs, making them look feathered and effortlessly awesome. If you’re going for a tinted gel, just make sure to pick the right shade that matches your brows. Remember, less is totally more here. A tiny bit of product goes a long way in giving you that clean and wispy look. So, whether you’re all about that soap brow life or you’re reaching for the brow gel, just know that your brows are about to be on fire.

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