Akshay Kumar believes that clothing should be easy and relaxed and, his everyday attire as well as his on-screen attire reflects this belief. He now wishes to introduce the world to fashion that aligns with it. On January 26, Akshay debuted his clothing label Force IX. The brand’s mood board is effortless and modern. It features a selection of t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, polo t-shirts, denim, chinos, joggers, shorts, and nightwear. The brand will also launch accessories in the upcoming months, including hats, belts, travel gear, shoes, and watches. 

We are here for the brand and have exclusive insights for the same, here are all the deets.

In conversation with Akshay Kumar…

Fitness and healthy living play a big part in your life, what is that one lifestyle habit that keeps you going?

AK: I’d say waking up early in the morning and starting my day on time. That way I get a headstart on things and get so much done in my waking hours. I have time for myself, my workouts and plenty of ‘me’ time, then I head to the sets for a productive day of work and back home in time to spend my evenings with family. So the discipline of it all keeps me going.

What is a must-have superfood in your diet?

AK: Blueberries and Dates for my post-workout replenishment. Post-training is the safest time of day to consume sugar as that’s when you need to replenish your glycogen levels, I like to start my mornings with a mixed green juice, followed by a hearty breakfast. I like eating my dinners early so I can wake up feeling lighter and healthier. 

What is your favourite street food?

AK: Being a Delhi boy, I’d say all kinds of chaats.

Your guilty pleasure would be…

AK: This time of the year would be gajar ka halwa.

Would you rather splurge at a fancy restaurant or a fun outfit?

AK: I think it would definitely be an outfit rather than a fancy restaurant because I prefer ghar ka khana. But a comfortable outfit rather than a fun one, as I save them for shooting. As for me, comfort tops everything.

Speaking of outfits…

How was your experience working on a clothing brand?

AK: I’ve wanted to have a clothing line of mine for many years now, seven to be precise. On two occasions I was even close to launching it but somehow things didn’t work out. And now here we are talking about the Force IX launch so I guess the third time is a charm.

I personally love to wear athleisure clothing because for me comfort tops over everything and it’s always on my shopping list. So, it got me thinking we have so much talent in our country, great factories and fabrics are available here. Hence, I decided to foray into the world of fashion with Force IX, a brand that offers a range of athleisure wear and much more, totally made in India. Force IX is much more than a clothing brand for me. It is my extension, a part of me which will encompass and bring my thirty-year journey in this industry to you. 

How will Force IX differentiate itself from other athleisure brands?

AK: Force IX draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the armed forces and translates them into new-age sensibilities in order to appeal to the Gen-Z generation. One of the key USPs of Force IX is the meticulous attention to detail in our collection. Right from the logo to the buttons, and the stitching, every little aspect has been articulated, designed, and curated with a purpose; to symbolise the core ideologies of the brand and to create an element of interest for patrons.

What is the long-term vision for Force IX?

AK: Like my movies, I want to entertain everyone. So when we envisioned Force IX, the idea was to create a range from the sporty teenager to the dapper man. And we are a gender-neutral brand, so there are a lot of unisex pieces throughout the brand which will expand as we grow. I hope we manage to cater to the wide range of audience we wish to cater to with Force IX. As for future plans, besides having a flagship store in Mumbai, there are plans to open stores in multiple cities across the country.

One element that’s similar between Akshay Kumar and Force IX?

AK: Force IX is not just a clothing brand, it is an extension of me, a part of me, which will bring my journey of 30 years in this industry to you. So, you will see a touch of me in every item of Force IX.

What’s the reason behind the name?

AK: I believe there are three strong influences that drive me: the universe, mother nature and the armed forces. I am highly inspired by the armed forces. My father was also in the army and thus, the armed forces have a special place in my heart. Coming to number 9. It is the number of warriors and is also considered to be powerful. And number 9 is my lucky number and it is also my birthdate.

What’s the one thing you always wanted in an athleisure brand?

AK: My definition and understanding of fashion is very simple. For me, fashion is when I get to be myself – comfortable in my skin and confident in what I wear. The whole idea behind Force IX was to make it a brand that caters to style and comfort.

Describe Akshay Kumar’s style in 3 words.

AK: Cool, versatile, and comfortable.