When matte skin was in, we applied many layers of matte foundation, topped it off with a ton of powder to set it, and then sealed the look with a mattifying setting spray. A few years later, we shifted to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, grabbing everything with a glowy finish and dousing ourselves in shimmers and glosses until we shone like the sun. With the “cloud skin” makeup trend, it appears that we are now reaching the middle ground.

How to achieve “cloud skin” makeup

The Prep


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For “Cloud skin,” the prep is essential. Regardless of your skin type, our first goal is to increase the volume of your skin. Start by grabbing a moisturising serum. Your prep may be done, depending on your skin type. (Those who have oily skin will likely feel the serum is enough to moisturise the skin.) You don’t want your skin to appear, feel, or be wet. You want it to feel just like when you just dried your face off after getting out of the shower.


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Those with normal to dry skin can continue their preparation by applying their preferred moisturiser. You’re ready to put on makeup once those products have been absorbed into your skin.

Makeup Application


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Consider any spots that might shine or get oily throughout the day. Use a mattifying primer selectively on regions of your face where you tend to get shiny. You’re finally ready to apply foundation. Pick a fluffy brush over a synthetic foundation brush or sponge. Buff the product into the skin using a circular motion. Your process would end here if you want a basic makeup look.


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However, your final stage needs powder for “cloud skin.” Pick up your preferred loose powder with a sheer to medium finish, but don’t go overboard. You definitely need to powder your entire face, but with a very light hand and a fluffy brush to achieve this airy, matte look. And there it is: moisturised, smooth, with a good radiance but no shine.



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If it wasn’t obvious, applying “cloud skin” makeup takes a little patience and a willingness to wait for each product to completely sink into the skin before going on to the next step. Make the process of getting ready fun by using it as a time for self-care. Put on a podcast, turn on some music, and pay close attention to what you’re doing.