Endless airlines and countless destinations which sum up infinite flying hours. You can only manage the stress of flying in luxury in a business class suite. 

Content creators like Aashna Shroff have the means to fly to the content of their hearts, surrounded by cabin crews at their service. The get-up of a business or first class is designed in such a way, which makes it a total-value-for-money. Right from the lounge access that caters to the likes of gourmet and food spreads, to the in-house champagne welcome.

But it’s one thing to fly in a business class and another thing to look the part, which she excels in every time. If there was one word to sum up this experience it would be: comfort for sure. 

After long hours of me watching the luxuries that the privileged have, inclusive of all the treatments right from a shower room, multiple courses of food, leg room, entertainment channels and a seat converted to a bed – isn’t all that a person eventually wants?

What’s More?

Different airlines differ in their business class sections. The ambience, service and choices of menus they put forth together. Aashna and her tastes have always been versatile when it comes to flying and trying out newer airlines or route launches. 

When it comes to luxury, what features stand out to me typically are the priority check in and boarding, amenity kits with products offered by top names in the industry and multi-course meals. And when you’ve got your friends and family flying with you too, that doubles the fun.

The thrill of exploring a new destination is certainly refreshing, but airlines make it easy on the guest to experience the culture first-hand. Singapore air, British Airways and now ANA, a Japanese accredited airline are providing the feel of the country through gourmet meals and alcohol on board. 

That is what makes flying luxury so exciting, and with our favorite creators such as Aashna and more, creating content and showcasing all that this chic-front has to provide with ease. This is a cabin-worthy experience, which is definitely on our list. 

Making trips and vacations or even business meetings better, how else would you want to fly, if not luxuriously right?