When you hear “blush,” you probably think of those cute pink, peach, or coral blushes, right? Well, how about shaking things up a bit? We’re all about that healthy flush those usual shades give, but why not try something totally different? Let’s talk about some unconventional blush shades that are totally worth a shot.



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Remember when asking for purple blush would get you weird looks? Well, times have changed, my friend. Thanks to TikTok, purple blush is all the rage. Guess what? It works like a charm on Indian skin tones, complementing our lovely yellow undertones. If you’re unsure, start with a lighter lilac blush before diving into full-on purple.

ClapClap Tip: Begin with a light, bright pink on your cheeks, then add that pop of purple, or reverse it – go all in with purple like a draping technique and add a punch of bright pink in the middle. Keep your lips nude to let the blush shine, or go wild with a bold pink lipstick for a matchy-matchy look.



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Black blush that doesn’t actually give your complexion a dark finish. After being applied, the colour changes to match the pH of your skin, giving you a tint that looks good on you. The blush will change into a rosy, pink flush if you have light skin. In contrast, if you have medium to dark skin, you might notice a darker berry tone.

ClapClap Tip: Because a little of the striking pigment goes a long way, use it sparingly. Oh, and while black blush can be applied to the typical areas (i.e., the apples of your cheeks), you can also experiment with the shade-shifting tint in place of your regular contour or bronzer.



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Is orange the new pink? Maybe! You’ve probably tried coral blush, but orange blush takes it up a notch. The cool thing is that orange blush looks amazing on Indian skin tones, especially if you’ve got a medium to deep complexion. It’s like a sunset on your cheeks!

ClapClap Tip: Orange blush is your summer BFF, especially if your skin has warm undertones. To make it even better, start with a coral blush as a base and then swipe on some orange for that standout look. Pretty clever, huh?



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Red tints are cute, no doubt, but have you ever thought about red blush? Get ready for a bold look that’s either hot siren vibes or super feminine freshness. A red blush can even make you look younger, but make sure to blend it well, or you might end up looking like you did your makeup in a rush before a school play.

ClapClap Tip: Red blush gives your skin a lovely flushed vibe, especially when you dab it on the apples of your cheeks. I’m all for liquid or cream red blush – it’s easier to blend and gives your skin a natural glow. Use a beauty blender and dab upwards. You can even touch a bit on your nose for that naturally blushed look.



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Hold up, we’re not talking about those pale, nude blushes or bronzers. It’s the deep brown blushes. These are fantastic for a subtle, no-fuss makeup look. Perfect when you want a hint of colour on your cheeks without going all-out. It’s like contouring-lite, giving your cheekbones a lift and sculpting your face effortlessly. Lazy girls, rejoice – just swipe on some brown blush and you’re good to go!

ClapClap Tip: When picking a brown blush, go for matte, not shimmery. Opt for a powder blush and start applying from your ear area down to your cheekbone. You can even create a C-shape from your temple to your cheekbone for a natural, bronzed effect that adds definition.