Let me clarify, no I have not been broken up with, okay no that’s a lie. I’ve had my fair share of relationship drama and ample emotional damage. For those few months, we tend to neglect our wellbeing, at least I have. That no parties, getting dressed, putting on your best outfit and consuming the best of food because we’re so busy missing the person that’s gone.

The best revenge is the one where you treat yourself with utmost care, as if you never needed them in the first place. And date nights just with yourself is the way to go about it. Here is a list of what you can do to feel and look good to enjoy that romantic night in.

1. Wine & Dine Royally

Purchase a really great wine (red, white, rosey) whatever you’re feeling and get a takeout – cozy up and enjoy. Or get a reservation at a top restaurant and order out the meal you’re feeling the most. Do follow it up with dessert, because that’s the way to go. 

2. A Staycation At A 5 Star Hotel

Nothing says luxury than a 5 star hotel stay. With top chains and the services that they offer is sure to make you feel like a princess. Take full advantage of their dinner and breakfast buffets, spa sessions and room services whipping up the most special requests.

3. A Full Day at The Spa

The only time we’d bare our body is when we’ve been given a full day’s massage and spa therapy. The beauty of ayurveda and essential oil – pressurizing the right points, providing you with ultimate satisfaction.

4. 10 Step Shower Routine

They say design your shower, because at the end of the day you find solace there. Light up candles, mists, body oils followed up with a long skin and body till you are really ready for bed.

5. Romantic Movie Night

When there’s some lovin’ needed, OTT shows are right to our rescue. With the number of choices and Rom-com releases – you’ll get in a laugh or a romantic scene in. Do not forget your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to give you company.


6. Dress Sexy

Whether it’s that sexy lingerie or a satin dress that makes you feel out of this world – don it and love yourself in it.

7. Live Music Event

Music is therapy for most of us, and it is definitely for me. Purchase tickets for your favorite band or artist and participate in the adrenaline rush.

8. Brew Interesting Coffees

Discovering and experimenting with new brews and flavors to your favorite beverage is a great way to show creativity. The release and aesthetic that every pour and sip feels is another kick that sends you to cloud-9.

The bond you share with yourself is the most special one of all. No level of relationship should change the equation you have with yourself. These ideas, although limited, are great ways to keep you in touch with your emotions and be happy with just the way you are.